Dr. Debashish Das

Dr. Debashish Das

Dr. Debashish Das
Dr. Debashish Das, Ph.D
Head, Stem Cell Research Lab,
Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore – India

Dr. Das did his M.S. Medical Laboratory Technology, at Sankara Nethralaya, in an off-campus course of Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani. He then pursued his M.Phil in Genetics from University of Madras, where he was among the top five best outgoing students of the University. He completed his Ph.D in Developmental Neuroscience from Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin-Germany. He got interested in understanding the potential of stem cells into neuronal regeneration, and did his post doctoral research in stem cells at Karolinska Medical Nobel Institute, Stockholm. He then returned to his home country and worked at Imgenex India Pvt Ltd, where he initiated stem cell related works. He then moved to Narayana Nethralaya, where he is Chief Scientist Basic Science R & D and leads a team towards the usage of stem cell in health and disease. He had previously worked for small period of time at L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. He is presently recognized by Vellore Institute of Technology to be a guide for M.S. by research, M.Phil and Ph.D students from Vellore.

11 International papers; 1Book chapter; 3 National papers; 1 Video tutorial
– Notch induces cyclin-D1-dependent proliferation during a specific temporal window of neural differentiation in ES cells. Das D, Lanner F, Main H, Andersson ER, Bergmann O, Sahlgren C, Heldring N, Hermanson O, Hansson EM, Lendahl U. Dev Biol. 348(2): 2010, 153-66.
– Impaired synapse function during postnatal development in the absence of CALEB, an EGF-like protein processed by neuronal activity. René Jüttner, Margret I. Moré, Debashish Das, Aleksei Babich, Jochen Meier, Mechthild Henning, Bettina Erdmann, Eva-Christiana Müller, Albrecht Otto, Rosemarie Grantyn and Fritz G. Rathjen. Neuron, 46; 2005, 233-45.

Grants – present and past
Funding- Department of Science & Technology

Current areas of interest

Understanding the basic biology of stem cells of various origins, modulate the regenerative potential in adult and embryonic stem cells, gene expression analysis to understand biology during health and disease thus providing cues for therapeutic intervention.