ReLEx SmileNarayana Nethralaya prides itself on providing its patients with the latest technology and innovations in refractive eye surgery. There are a multitude of procedures and techniques available to help you eliminate the need for your spectacles or contact lenses.  In recent years minimally invasive treatment methods have set new standards in modern medicine.  This is because minimally invasive very often means minimum discomfort for the patient.  The ReLEx SMILE technique is developed for the minimally invasive laser correction of vision defects.

SMILE is the 3rd generation of laser vision correction beyond PRK and LASIK. It is minimally invasive, flapless and bladeless procedure that combines the advantage of previous generations with increased safety and comfort.

ReLEx SMILE is a breakthrough in laser vision correction offering a whole new level of precision, safety and comfort. In fact, you might just experience the world through a whole new lens-your natural ones.

ReLEx SMILE combines state-of-the-art femtosecond technology with high-precision lenticule extraction aiming at providing minimally invasive refractive correction in a single system.

Unlike the conventional procedures, ReLEx SMILE involves the creation of an extremely thin 3D layer in your intact cornea, corresponding to your refractive number that needs correction.  This is then extracted out through a small keyhole incision of about 2-4mm only. As a result, the cornea gets reshaped to correspond to the ideal shape for correct vision. Entirely laser controlled, it is done in a few seconds- precise, safe and comfortable.

The minimally invasive incision also suggests fewer transacted nerves in the corneal surface and therefore to significantly reduced severity of dry eye syndrome. Another advantage: a small incision can further reduce the incidence of infection, epithelial in growth or flap complications- and help the epithelium heal much more quickly.

The ReLEx SMILE technique is performed using the highly precise and advanced VisuMax femtosecond laser from Carl Zeiss AG, Germany. This laser system has impressed both the patients and the physicians alike with its sophisticated technology and its precision and reliability. ReLEx SMILE using VisuMax promises accuracy down to the nearest micrometer precision.

  1. Is the procedure painful or does it cause any hypersensitivity or redness in eyes?

Ans: SMILE is minimally invasive and virtually painless method that does not involve use of needles or surgical blades. The entire process is laser operated and gets over in few minutes.

2. There are no cases of hypersensitivity or redness reported with SMILE.

Ans: Unlike LASIK, SMILE is gentler to eyes hence you can start working on computers within a day of surgery. But you may need to go bit easy for initial few days by taking frequent breaks and by taking the prescribed eye drops regularly.

3. How long does the procedure take?

Ans: Short duration for surgery and early recovery are amongst the many benefits that come with the advanced procedure called SMILE. The entire procedure gets over in 10 minutes for both the eyes.

SMILE Advantages:

  • The cornea surface is left untouched, preserving its biomechanical strength and stability better than other techniques.
  • Inflammation is reduced to negligible as the total laser energy used is up to 10 times lesser than an excimer laser.
  • Likeliness of dry eyes is significantly lowered, since no flap is created.
  • There is no use of surgical cutting instruments and involves no change of equipment during the treatment.

Since this procedure is minimally invasive, it involves minimum intervention and therefore less after care is required, enabling you to enjoy your new visual sensation right from day one.