Visited this centre to check cataract surgery options for my elderly mother. The staff were extremely courteous right from the entrance arranging wheel chair and managing the patient movement and registration process extremely efficiently. Special mention of Mr. Shebuel Benu who assisted us through the entire process through multiple tests , various doctors to be visited to assess patient readiness for procedure and finally with counselors who explained the cost and after procedure care details. Mrs. Meenakshi Ravi- Head coordinator and HOD for surgery counselors also checked on us through the process. Dr. Hema Malini who performed the procedure was also patiently explaining the process and considerate given my mothers age. I also noticed that the staff were extremely patient and polite with all the visitors and this is wonderful considering they have north of 1,000 patients in any given day and perform 70-100 cataract surgeries any given day. Kudos to all the staff of this facility.

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