Recently I had a great experience at Narayana Nethralaya Eye hospital, Bannerghetta road. I visited hospital to investigate some discomfort on my left eye, which was treated couple of weeks back by a diff hospital for redness in eye. while the redness was cured, I was not feeling very comfortable. At Narayana Nethralaya hospital, at the first sight, they called out that one of my eye is slightly prominent over the other. (No one could notice it, as the difference was hardly visible). On my subsequent meeting with Dr Moupia (One of the best Drs I had met in my lifetime) she explained the possible reasons behind it, including a possible Eye Thyroid leading to fat accumulation behind eye ball to a rare tumour in the Orbit.. She asked me to do a CT scan and few blood tests. CT scan revealed that there is a tumour of 2cm size in the orbit, behind the left eye ball right near the optical nerve. The situation was quite serious due to the size of the tumour and the location of it being near optic nerve. Mr Moupia explained me in simple terms, without diluting the risks involved (Double vision post-surgery or a possible loss of sight, if optic nerves are disturbed due to tumour). She gave us the confidence leaning of God Almighty (Not depending on her experience and expertise – In spite of her being one of the leading drs in industry and vast experience in other leading eye hospitals in India). It was a surgery that lasted for 2 hrs, with full body anaesthesia. I went to hospital at 9AM and back home at 5:30PM, with a successful surgery. No double vision, and my vision was normal as before… By the Grace of God. Thank you Dr Moupia Goswami & Dr Varshitha for being the hands of God in making this complex surgery so simple and successful. God Bless you both..!!

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