YOU – Young Ophthalmologists United – A National drive for building a future for you

The CME dealt with setting up a practice, negotiating with companies, cracking the fellowship code, research and other issues pertaining to ophthalmologists in their early days of practice. Some of the biggest names in Ophthalmology were there, including Dr. Amod Gupta (keynote), Dr. Santosh Honavar, Dr. Cyrus Shroff, Dr. Namrata Sharma, Dr. Manish Nagpal and Dr. Rashmin Gandhi.

TrueD – Transforming Retinal Surgeries Using Emerging Innovations‘ on 24th-25th May 2014

On the first day, we had a hands-on workshop on common and latest imaging modalities, video based discussions of retinal procedures and interesting case discussions. On the second day, we had a 3D/HD video based skill transfer of common surgeries as well as unusual scenarios and operating room theatrics.

IOL Clinix-Art & Science of IOLs in 3D on 19th-20th April 2014

Through this CME, we attempted to understand in depth and decode the various designs of intraocular lenses. We started with the ‘Science’ on the 19th with a series of didactic lectures by prominent international and national faculty. We dealt with the ‘Art’ the next day with informative and entertaining video presentations on basic and advanced surgical techniques, by people who are masters in their field. Many of these videos were in 3D to give the participants a realistic feel of the surgeries being demonstrated.

Ophthalmic Genetics & Genetic Counseling for Clinicians and Basic Scientists – 15-16 Feb 2014