I just want to let you know that today, 5 days from 1st noticing the monster bubble on my eye, I woke up with it bigger than ever and decided to go to a local eye hospital, Narayana Nethralaya, here in Bangalore, India.  The service that I received was perhaps the best that I have ever been privy to, this is a world-class facility and I was treated like a king.  Cynthia Roy, the Manager of the International Division, catered to all my needs and hosted me through all the processes and medical steps.  What I was lead to believe was a blood-blister, was nothing of the sort.  I have what is known as a benign neoplasm of my right lacrimal gland and duct, I believe that is what the Oculoplasty Doctor, Dr. Roshmi Gupta said.  She is a renowned expert I this field and was wonderful.  I have photos of my eye and the medical report attached, please review at your convenience. Although this is not a critical issue that requires any further actions here, I was instructed to see an Ophthalmologist back home in Vancouver, Washington when I return after 4/13/18.  I asked my wife to make me an appointment, the Dr. here believes that I need to get a CT Scan of the area to see what is going on behind the scenes and then take it from there.  She would have done the continued treatments here, but since I am leaving in 6 days, I will not have enough time to complete the required treatments that she is recommending. Anyway, it looks like I’ll live, but all the feedback internet information that I got from family and friends was way off (thanx for trying everyone, I know you did your best to comfort me) and I am very happy that my wife insisted that I go to the hospital today to get it assessed.  I will not be taking any more meds here, the ones I received from the Marriot Dr. only made me light-headed and dizzy and did not have a tangible effect on this swollen gland.But, I must say, today was an “eye-opener”, pardon the pun.  The medical treatment services and staff here are top-notch and the total bill was RP500, which is ~$7.5 USA, that’s right, ~7 bucks!!Cynthia, I love you, thank you for taking care of me and getting me hooked back up with my transport driver from the hotel.  She wouldn’t leave my side until I got back into my car, this treatment just doesn’t happen very often in the USA, we have a lot to learn!  You guys at AIG have also been excellent, thank you all for the love!

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