Many eye diseases have a genetic component; similarly, many genetic diseases and birth defects have significant ocular pathology. Narayana Nethralaya offers a facility where patients with individually rare genetic eye diseases may undergo clinical evaluation, prognostic assessment and management.

Sophisticated tests performed in the laboratory include those for diseases such as hereditary retinal dystrophies, retinoblastoma, anterior segment malformations, storage diseases, familial exudative vitroretinopathy, congenital cataracts, dislocated lenses, and congenital glaucoma. The Center’s laboratory will soon offer clinical DNA diagnosis of some genetic eye diseases, including affection, carrier status and prenatal diagnosis.


Genetics & Gene Therapy

We are now stepping into the cutting edge technology of gene therapy. Eye is the first organ in the body where genetherapy has produced successfull results. Leber congenital amarauis (LCA) is an inherited genetic disease that causes childhood blindness. Drs. James Bainbridge and Robin Ali’s group in the University College of LOndon have now sucessfully treated patients with this disorder in their clinical trial experiments.
With the expertise of this team we at Narayana Nethralaya would be establishing this management procedure in Bangalore. This fields is expected to move forwards and many eye and other organ disorders would be treated by genetherapy.

Narayana Nethralaya has initiated an International Collaboration to set-up a Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Genetics and Gene Therapy under the leadership of Dr. G. Kumaramanickavel ( Director of Research). This unit will pioneer ophthalmic genetics under a scientific climate aided by world leaders in this field to provide much needed genetic care in the Indian setting.

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