I approached the NN to seek an appointment with Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav for my sis Dr. Sandhya Deshpande, who had some retina related problem, and who was to come from Jaipur. I had my own reservations as to how Dr. shall react when the patient is not around and without having any appointment. At reception desk, however, I met Dr. Reshma, who understood my problem and guided me to one M. Girish, a support team for Dr. NKY. He was fabulous in appreciating my difficulties, briefed Dr.NKY, and got me a hearing in the shortest possible time span. Dr. examined my sis reports, which i was carrying, and referred us to see one Dr. in Jaipur itself so as to save us the inconveinence of travelling from Jaipur to Bangalore. However Dr. in Jaipur advised to undergo operation at the earliest.I briefed Girish and sought earliest appointment for surgery, and moved my sis from Jaipur to Bangalore. The surgery was performed by Dr. NKY on 10th July’15, and my sis is doing pretty well. The hygine at the hospital, the promptness and courtseys of all support staff, like Rekha, Girish , Uma, and the genleman Mr. Kusha, the PRO of NN, were like phenomonal and exceptional.And all staff of OT floor . Our heart is full of gratitude for Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav, and his support team, including nursing staff at Operation Theatre, and wish to convey our thankfulness. With Best Wishes, Rajiv Talwar

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