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Since Jan 22 I have been under the treatment of Dr.Sanket Bhatnagar.Frequently I used to be traveling,so follow up visit was a constrain. However Dr.Sanket Bhatnagar was so kind and approachable on line and gave appropriate advices as and when required. Presently I am on visit to abroad. Couple of days ago I was in need of his followup consultation, so I contacted helpline number, immediately they arranged on line consultation with the doctor and subsequently I could continue the treatment. From the above it is self explanatory about the commitment of doctor towards the patient and he is always approachable. He is courteous and kind. He displays compassion and integrity and represent very high standard of clinical care. His approach towards senior citizens are highly appreciable and set an example for others. Further the staffs at reception/help desk are very helpful and co operative with the patient on critical situation or otherwise also for getting the advice of doctors.

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