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Dr. Naren Shetty’s treatment was awesome. The surgery process was so professional. He kept updating me as when needed during the surgery. My confidence level was good throughout the process. The process took just 6 minutes! Once out of the surgery room, could see the beautiful world in all its grand colours! Also the hospital staffs were very polite and they treated me as their own family member. The hand holding and escorting practice is really unbelievable!The below mentioned is my appreciation sent to my family…….

Cataract surgery went very 😁well. Thanks to God for his blessing and
to Dr. Naren Shetty who has done the surgery for both the eyes.
I can see👀 every thing very clearly and also the wonderful colors🎨. Before the surgery everything had a yellow ish and creamy coat. Now I see the real brightnesses added to all the colours and white⚪ is so bright🔆 it’s a rebirth to the eyes👀. The whole world is so colourful. 😲🤩😍Wow every thing is so colourful and wonderful✨😍 😂😹. I am very thankful💕🙏 to my children👧👧👧👦 who are responsible for this change to see the colourful world.
Thanks guys.

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