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Mainly please visit this place by early morning since all the pre-checks will take about 1-2 hrs before you mee the doctor. Dr. Santosh Really a great Experience with more information provided with how the process of the eye damage happens due to Diabetes, it was a great service that we received from him and previously when we came in to have the eye test done he didn’t just say us to get the operation done, he explained about how we can wait and check if the issues just get fixed with using eye drops and then if the remedy does not fix the issue we can go ahead with the operation, its good to know that such Doctors are there to provide service and not to just make money. He suggested us to take the Eye drops for 4 week and then re-visit again so that we wouldn’t have to waste our money to get the operation done which would cost more. It was a great Suggestion that he gave, my father had improvement in his eyes after using the eye drops for 4 weeks unfortunately due to his Diabetic condition the eye problem didn’t get better so had to go ahead with operation that was after almost 3 months we came back to have the operation done for his eye condition

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