Sl No.Title of the StudyPrincipal InvestigatorStudy Status
1.Identification of biomarkers for disease
progression of Keratoconus
Dr. Arkasubhra GhoshOngoing
2.A multi-omics approach to identify biomarkers of
clinically advanced retinoblastoma for diagnostics
and therapeutic applications
Dr. Ashwin MallipatnaOngoing
3.Genetic evaluation of a patient with Horizontal
Gaze Palsy with Progressive Scoliosis (HGPPS)
Dr. Vasudha KOngoing
4.Evaluation of prefered retinal locus of fixation in
advance Age-related Macular Degeneration
Dr. Mathew KurianOngoing
5.Intravitreal ganciclovir injections for CMV retinitis
in southeast Asia: a multiple site retrospective cohort study
Dr. Padmamalini MOngoing
6.Autosomal recessive Bestrophinopathy: Case series and
review of literature
Dr. Rajani BattuOngoing
7.Spectral domain optical coherence tomography(SDOCT)
in high myopia
Dr. Venkatesh BOngoing
8.Clinical manifestations and its correlation with CD4/CD8
ratio in aqueous humour in ocular sarcoidosis in South India
Dr. Anitha VOngoing
9.Comparison of Microperimetry and Standard Automated
Perimetry in eyes with Glaucoma
Dr. Sharanya T. RameshOngoing
10.Comparison of corneal biomechanics with ocular response
analyser and Corvis after femtosecond enabled penetrating
keratoplasty and manual penetrating keratoplasty
Dr. Ashwini HOngoing
11.Corneal biomechanics and its relationship with Intraocular
Pressure in Normal and Glaucoma eyes
Dr. Sushma TejwaniOngoing
12.Thermography in ocular inflammationDr. Ankush KawaliOngoing
13.To study the role of inflammatory and apoptotic pathways
under oxidative stress: Implications for Keratoconus
Dr. Nallathambi JeyabalanOngoing
14.To study the role of Notch signaling on ex-vivo expansion
and trans-differentiation of limbal epithelial cells to corneal
Dr. Debashish DasOngoing
15.The spectrum of Vogt Koyanagi Harada Syndrome in IndiaDr. Padmamalini MOngoing
16.Investigating the genetic basis of pseudoexfoliation syndromeDr. Rajesh SasikumarOngoing
17.Clinical Study of anatomical, physiological changes in the cornea
and correlation with cytokine profile in various autoimmune eye diseases
Dr. Padmamalini MOngoing
18.Combined depth imaging of the choroidDr. Padmamalini MOngoing
19.The Use of Ultra Wide Field Fluorescein Angiography in
Evaluation and Management of Uveitis
Dr. Padmamalini MOngoing