I have taken my mother for the Catract Operation. Deciding about getting operated at this time of pandemic was risky and choosing a best Hospital was a challenge however didn’t regret it though. She was treated by Dr. Ravi Krishnan. Would like to say the Hospital staff to Doctor all are well trained and extremely humble. From the minute u enter the hospital to the last step you are escorted with the support staff making it easy and comfortable the entire process unlike in other hospitals where you are left with lot of questions where to go and what to do. Narayana Nethralayas staff are awesome in their hospitality. Being in the pandemic phase most concerning part is the hygiene while you think of any consultation or hospitalizations, I must say the NN’s have set the bar high when it comes to hygiene part, very well managed and every consultation desks, test equipments, lobys are often cleaned. Overall a happy and satisfying experience. Thanks to Dr. Ravi Krishnan and whole Hospital support staff.

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