I visited Narayana Nethraya’s branch at Bannerghatta road to get my eyesight corrected (LASIK) and very fortunately, I met very professional, empathetic as well as friendly staffs and opthalmologists. I’ll have to thank each and everyone to ensure that my gratitude is conveyed the right way. The gentleman at the entrance of the hospital is very courteous and greets with a very warm smile whenever I visited the hospital. Ms. Hameeda was very prompt, professional as well as very accommodating. There were instances where I was late due to situational difficulties and I was very worried that I would miss my appointments. Every technician who operated the eye examination machines have been very professional and are always smiling. Dr. Naren Shetty took time to ensure I understand the types of refractive surgery, LASIK, pre operative and post operative care and healing pattern in different people. Dr. Naren even resolved all doubts I had including whether there would be pain during/after LASIK, which led me to firmly decide that I wanted to have LASIK done. During the surgery, Dr. Naren Shetty was very calm, and put me into ease as I was very anxious. In addition, Dr. Naren also followed up with me twice after the operation to ensure that the healing is on its course. Sadly, I could not make it to the 3rd follow up due to me being unavailable in India. On a fun note, I am now convinced that highly learned and skilled opthalmologists, technicians, counsellors, receptionists, attenders as well as a doorman can bring Munna bhai’s hospital into reality.

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