It was a wonderful with Dr. Moupia and Narayana Nethralaya for my DCR surgery. I had occasionally watery eyes for a few months and had visited another eye doctor previously. Dr. Moupia was able to correctly diagnose the issue and recommended DCR surgery as the permanent treatment. Doctor was very empathetic and made sure that I understand all the details of the condition along with the treatment. Her calm and friendly attitude made me reassured and relaxed before the procedure.
It has been almost 6 weeks since the surgery and I have recovered well. I feel very happy with the outcome from the procedure. Doctor provide very good guidance post-operation with regular post-operation visits to make sure that the operation is successful and recovery is as expected.
Everyone at Narayana Nethralaya was friendly and it made the entire experience stress-free and wonderful. They explain everything in a transparent manner and are highly professional. Appreciate the great work that everyone is doing at Narayana Nethralaya.
Especially, I would like to thank Dr. Moupia for her help in treating my condition and being empathetic during the entire process. Really appreciate the amount of time and effort taken by her during the last 6 weeks. She is the best doctor and a wonderful person.

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