Buds to Blossom department. This is for special need children especialy Comprehensive therapies. I am from tiptur my daughter is 6.8years old she is under going therapy since 3months vision therapy and special education we are very happy with her improvement and we also recommend this comprehensive therapies to other childrens. Narayana nethraalaya is not only for opthalmolgy even they have very good n best comprehensive therapies. Follow there instruction you can see a progress. We never mind about travelling so every week we use to come n take therapies regulary this therapies are long process but it is helped my daughter a lot. Thanks Dr. Puja…mam n team is very good. Aarya mam, Kavya mam, Deepika mam prabrithi mam shobik sir pradheep sir . Sukanya mam n her team also guided us for these therapies. Special educator Ms. Rashmi mam. Thanks to narayana nethralaya.

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