The GROW Research Laboratory aims to bring Gene Therapy to the bedside in India. There are currently no vector generation core facilities even for research uses.

Congenital and hereditary genetic diseases are becoming a significant health burden in India, and hence there is a need for adequate and effective genetic testing and counselling services. In India’s urban areas, congenital malformations and genetic disorders are the third most common cause of mortality in newborns. Factors contributing to this high prevalence include consanguineous marriages, high birth rate, improved diagnostic facilities and a lack of expertise in genetic counselling.

We are establishing a vector core facility for generating AAV (adeno-associated vector), Adenovirus, Lentivirus and Retrovirus. In future we will further this core into a cGMP facility to generate clinical grade vectors for patient trials.

Gene Therapy2

The Vectors and the platform will be made in a plug-and-play system that will be amenable to multiple applications in various diseases and purposes.

Basic gene therapy research will focus on inherited ocular disorders (Stargardt’s and LCA), cardiac gene therapy and oncolytic gene therapy for gliomas and HNSCC.