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March is the month of exams for most students. We find children putting in about 6 -10 hours of intense study per day during this time. Due to the pressure of the exams, there is bound to be physical and pyschological stress.
Children are usually advised to take nutritious food and adequate sleep. Eye care and health is usually neglected.

Here are a few tips for eye care during exams.

1. It is advisable to wear the glasses prescribed when studying, even if you can see clearly for near without glasses.

2. If you are using contact lenses, do not use them for more than 12 – 14 hours/day.

3. Follow the 20-20-20 rule during prolonged hours of study. If you study for 20 minutes, look out of the window for about 20 secs, at an object which is about 20 feet away. This helps to relax your eyes and relieve eyestrain.

4. Since you have to do a lot of near work during your study, avoid watching TV and playing games on your mobile or i pad. Instead you could go for a walk to feel refreshed and relaxed.

5. It is advisable to keep the reading material at a distance of 1 foot and that the light fall on the print and there are no shadows on it. You should not slouch over the table/ or read in awkward positions. This might lead to neck pain and headache.

6. Lubricant eye drops can be used during the exams after consultation with your eye doctor.

7. Prolonged near work with an overlay of mental stress can sometimes cause a condition called spasm of accommodation in some children. This causes blurred vision, eyestrain and pain around the eyes. This condition can be prevented by following the above tips.

8. At least 6 hours of sleep and a healthy diet with adequate water intake are also equally important .
Good luck for your exams!

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