Dr. Vishma Prabhu

Dr. Vishma Prabhu Reviews

Total Reviews – 253

Rajagopal Sampath

Dr Vishma Prabhu treatment is good I am very happy with his service overall it is excellent thank you

Poornima Devi

Dr vishma Prabhu treatment was good we are satisfied staff also nice very good

Poorva Gowda

Dr.Vishma prabhu Very good experience Well service

Surendra Gopinath

Dr viahma prabhu very good and courteous good hand may god bless her in all her future endeavour.

Rajesh Somanayak

Dr.vishma Prabhu was treatment is very nice is very friendly doctor I am satisfied stuff chandaramouli is good cooperative thank you.

Moumita Mondal

Dr. Vishma Prabhu was very nice. Overall experience was very good. Very systematic procedure. All the staffs were very helpful.

Vimala Govindaraju

Dr.vishma Prabhu I am coming First time all’staff very good cooperative I am very satisfied thanks to narayana nethralaya.

Jayarame Gowda

Dr.vishma Prabhu was treatment is very good clearly explained and very friendly doctor thank you.

Intreagrated Engeineering

Dr. Vishma prabhu Good experience staff is more friendly and drives through easy path consultation waiting period and payment methods are excellent

Narasappa U

Dr. Vishma prabhu was very good treatment and very friendly doctor good response thanks to naryana nethralaya.

Lalitha Seetharam

Dr vishmu prabhu was very patient in hearing our concerns. Hospital has well trained staff.

Chaitra Naveen

Dr.vishma prabhu good treatment clearly explained friendly doctor thank you for overall hospital.

Raghavendra Motamarri

(Translated by Google) dr.Vishma Prabhu v good treatment.very friendly doctor thanks to Narayana nethralaya.

bajrangi kumar mishra

Dr vishma prabhu is excellent doctor and very good behaviour with patients and attendent.may God give all success to Dr vishma

Dasthagir M

Dr.vishma prabhu is very good doctor is clearly explained very friendly doctor

chandri Nair

Dr vishma Prabhu My experience was very good. The staff was very helpful.

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