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R harsha

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Dr vasudha k pediatric dept it was very nice treatment and nicely treated and floor people was very much co_operative and doctor assistant thanuja took us to doctors room and took care and safety thank u mam

Samiksha S

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Dr vasudha k Peadritic department The whole hospitality of the staff and the hospital was well.

Mohan Umashankar

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Excellent service overall by the hospital, especially by Dr Vasudha

Kavitha Devarajulu

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Dr.vausdha k pediatric dept it was very good experience with this doctor and nicely taking care and good facilities and all the staff was very good and doctor assistant thanuja and nagashri helped a lot and took the care and thank u mam 💗

Basavaraj H

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Dr.Vasudha.K pedoitotic department was nice meeting the consultant doctor and gave a brief description to my treatment

kumar yashu

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Dr. Vasudha k she is good doctor, good support thank you. Dr. Ravi krishna, he is good doctor, am very thankful to him.

Ankit Dadhich

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Great service, doctor gives clear comment on the issue and provides the right and effective treatment (Dr.Vasudha)

Th Sagarika

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Dr.vasudha k pediatric dept itbwas very good and nicey treated and nicely taking care and every staff takes very much care about the ptients and assist of doctor nagashri took care and thank u mam

Gomathi P

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Dr. Vasudha k pediatric dept it was very good and very nicely treated and good I’m talking and friendly and Ms. Thanuja and floor manager took very good care and sent you the doctor and thank u mam and first vision test was very nicely done and the procedure was very good and good guiding and not like others hospital here they take lot off care about us and concern and even Nagashri took very much care thank u mam

Ashwini Gangadhar

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Dr Vasudha .k pediatric department , it is really given excellent treatment for my squint surgery . I went to the my check up, they treated very well and also staff also given communicate well

Deepa Surendra

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Dr.Vasudha .K ( nayana) pediatric department Felt very good happy with your service

Shivakumar Shivakumar

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Dr. Vasudha k ,she is good doctor and good hospital.it was very good experience very good and staff was very good co-operating and Ms. Thanuja helped and took care still we visit the doctor thank u mam and Floor manager was very nicely talkative

Anisha Sanghvi

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Dr.vasudha k pediatric dept it was satisfied and very good experience with this doctor and very good co_operation and all staff was very good and floor manager Vijaya d Souza took very much and care and good co_operation and even doctor assistant ms thanuja moved us very fast as soon as possible thank u mam

Monisha Nandagopal

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Dr. Vasudha K pediatric Dept she was very good and and she is so humble and instead of other hospital this is the best hospital for adults and children and they treat us very well and good manner and in other hospital they make us to for a whole day and use to tell come for Tomorrow and it’s not like that her and it was so good and even floor manager Vijaya d Souza mam took very good care about us and made us treatment completed thank mam and even doctor assist Ms. Thanuja took care moved us very well lovely experience thank u so much narayana nethralaya

sureshkumar S

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Dr. Vasudha k pediatric dept Consultation and explanations is good

Bharathi B.K

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Dr.Vasudha.K pediatric dept it was very good experience with this doctor and he had a great time and. Doctor assstant ms thanuja moved the patients very patiently and even floor manager took us with lot of care and cleanliness was very good and thank u mam

Kousar Fathima

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Dr. Vasudhd k pediatric dept It was very good with this doctor and good co_operation and nicely talking and good staff and very clean and good majors and safety majors are taken and they and very orderly move the patient and doctor assistant ms thanuja takes care about us and moved well and even floor manager vijaya d souza mam very co_operative and attending the patients very nicely and i good manner and thank you so much and even covid time they takes a lot off care thank u mam

nandini lucky

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Dr. Vasudha mam, peadatric department, I’m following regular check ups frm past 9 years to both my kids. Dr. Vasudha Mam treated us very good and my kids eyes also nw stable normal. And I thanks to the whole team with gud response n maintaining hygiene environment.

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