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C Gowda

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Dr .sumitha muthu pediatric dept it was and well and good and good corporation Thank mama and for my 2 and child dr.vasudha k has seen and it was very good experience with this doctor and good co^operation and nicely explained and good staff and doctor assist ms .thanuja moved the patient very well and as soon a possible thanku mam ww visited the dr.sumitha muthu today it was very good experience we r feeling very nice and even staff people e very nice and thank u mam all in narayana nethralaya

Raghu Kumar

Dr vasuda K pediatrics dept very good support ,high satisfaction

Smaazlan Azlan

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Dr vasudha k pediatric department madam very soft treated my son..

Mosin Fatima

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Dr. Vasudha k pediatric dept very good experience and from 7 years we r coming here very good doctor and very friendly doctor and very humble doctor and thank u mam

radha krishna

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Dr.vasudha k pediatric dept it was very good experience and thank u mam

Prathibha DS

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Dr vasudha with lots of patience and enthuse..gives information clearly to the consulted and more over the reason for that disability means a lot..she is very clear in that manner. Very systematic and customized operation system..
Faculty of the hospital very cooperative and resource ones with clear instructions..thanq
Dr. Ravi Krishna
Very happy with the hospitality and the humility present here. Our sincere thanks to DR. RAVI KRISHNA sir for his contribution and co- operation concerning his duty. A special thanks and regards to the staff and helping hands in the hospital.

Ramesh K S

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Dr. Vasudha K, pediatric dept. :- The experience was good..!

Asha Nagaraj

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Dr vasudha k pediatric dept it was very good and we get good response from them and thanku mam

kumar sir

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Dr Vasudha K pediatric dept very well treated and friendly with us and even got surgery with this doctor itself and felling very happy about that and Even we need like this doctor in every hospital and really we was scared about the eyes of daughter and dr.vasudha mam is like a god for us and really with very much concern she will treat our child and and very cleanly she will explain us very well thank u so much mam even today we visited 14/04/2022 it was very good and we r getting very good experience and feeling so happy and thank u mam and very Cooperative to us and thank u so much mam

Hemath Hemi

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Dr.vasudha k pediatric dept it was very well treated and friendly and explained very nicely and cooperative and thank u mam and even dr.neha

Naveen M

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Vasudha k pediatrics department

Priyaramesh Priya

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Dr.vasudha k pediatric dept it was very good experience and friendly and nicely talking with patients and thank u mam


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Dr.Vasudha in pediatric department Narayan Nethralya is a very efficient and friendly Doctor, have been consulting her for years together for my Son’s lazy eye problem, which is now finally stable, thanks to Dr.Vasudha for that, moreover the staff is very efficient and helpful all the time.Dr. Chaitra Jaydev of retina department is again an excellent doctor in her field, had a great experience with her .

sunil kumar

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Dr Vasudha k pediatric department good good

Hussain Ahil

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Dr Vasudha K pediatric department is good Dr for ur child

Manasa Ramesh Chatra

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Dr vasuda K, she is A good doctor, and I m happy with her treating the children and mingle with them. Treatment also good . Very happy with the consultation with the doctor

chaya k.n

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The best hospital for eye related issues. Hospital staff are very helpful. Well organized hospital. Doctors explain each n every details very patiently. We are consulting Dr.Vasudha, pediatric strabismus specialist from a very long time. She’s the best. We had very nice experience with the doctor and the hospital.


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Dr.Vasuda k pediatric department It was an excellent experience.

Sunitha Reddy

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Dr.Vasudha K pediatrics department Very good doctor

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