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Dr. Sushma A Reviews

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Hassan Rasheed

Dr. Sushma A one of the very experienced doctor on the field i am really happy with surgery and the way she and all staff treated us I highly recommend this hospital thanks a lot for taking such a good care of my son eye surgery thank really appreciated

harish harish kumar

Dr.sushma A Excellent treatment i dint feel pain In my eyes and same way it’s getting cure quickly Thank you and I highly recommend

Poornima S

As we consulted with Dr.Sushma we felt very good and they had gone through our problems and gave us an proper solution,worth for money.

Lekhadarshini H C

Thanks to Ms. NALINI B R, Mr. ABHISHEK E and Dr. Sushma for their wonderful and patient service. The entire process right from registration to prescription are well taken care and managed efficiently.

Anusha Mohan

Dr.Sushma.A is very well good and friendly Doctor.

Mohan Kumar

Dr. Sushma conducted DCR surgery very well. Doctor was very polite and caring. Satisfied with the service.

K.khandeppa Rcr

Dr Chaitra Jaydev and Dr.sushma both are very good and treated well and happy with her service thank you.

Ranganath B

Dr.Sushma A Did my eye surgery I’m happy with her service

Rajesh S M

Dr Sushma A Treatment and interaction with the doctor was excellent.I strongly suggest Dr.Sushma.

Kannikha H

Dr. Sushama A It was very nice,the doctor made me feel comfortable

Monika seervi

Dr Sushma A Good doctor and well informational with patients

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