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Gopal Shankar

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Dr Abdul Rawoof and Dr. Sujith – excellent diagnosis and treatment in Neuro Opthalmology. Similarly excellent Glaucoma treatment by Dr. Sujani and Dr. Sushma.

Anshuman sharma

Dr Sujith and Dr Abdul both treated us well. They gave time to understand my father’s eye problem. It was a case of advanced field loss and cataract. I can see 20-30% improvement in my father’s vision. Be prepare to spend 3-4 hrs at the hospital.

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Prathap V

Dr Abdul rawoof Very good response from patients clearly explained treatment and good stafs

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rekha biradar

Dr.Abdul and Dr.sujuth treatment is very good I have both eye problems Dr.treating soon hard am now able to one eye I’m Happy with overall service also friendly

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