Dr. Sharon D Souza

Dr. Sharon D Souza Reviews

Total Reviews – 499

Gowri K

Dr.Srikanth, glaucoma specialist explained neatly everything in detail and helped us understand better about the issue. Also the way he addresses the patients inputs confidence in them. Highly recommend.

Rajkumar Bamanhalli

Dr Sharon d Souza had a checkup with doctor and underwent pterygium surgery it was went very smooth had a good service


Dr Sharon D’Souza is the doctor I consulted for emergency. She immediately acted upon it and treated me with priority. She ensured that everything would be fine and brought things under control. I have faith on her treatment. The hospital staffs have also been cooperative through out the process. I strongly recommend the hospital and the doctor.

Prashanth Kumar

Dr Sharon D Souza consulted her and underwent pterygium surgery we have visited here for the same Doctor from Andra had a good service and excellent treatment from the Dr sharon

Manish Moolya

Shran Dsouza Treatment was nice now my vision is bright Thank you so much

A.Thimma Nayak Nayak

Dr sharon d souza treatment was good had a good service explained very clearly about treatment

Priya Ammu

Dr Sharon d Souza the best Doctor whom I consult had a good treatment explained with patience about the condition thanks for the service

Sumera Banu

I visited here for my eyes for low vision and I visited to Dr Sharon D souza she suggested for transplant surgery and after surgery its so good about my vision and best

Raja Hulli

Dr Sharon d souza treatment was best and under went corne alter surgery now I am better staff co ordinates was good

Johny Vp

Dr Sharon d Souza treatment was good better last visit to this visit staff guided good

Ravi Kumar

I have here treatment for eye allergy with Dr Sharon D Souza the best treatment given by the Dr now my allergy has reduced thanks for the service and staff co ordinate was good

yogaraj Raj

Dr Sharon D Souza, one of the best Cornea doctor at Narayana Netralaya.I had an eye problem with severe burning and irritating on both eyes. After consulting with her I can see lot of relief in my eyes.

Hemanth Kumar.D.A

Best in Bangalore for eye checkup, Dr Sharon D Souza helped me in best possible way thank you Doctor…

Ram Mahato

Dr Sharon d Souza treatment was very good we showed for allergy its better now after the treatment

ramesh taluri

Dr Sharon D Souza done Cornea transplant surgery to my father. My father has recovered from Eye infection and his eye Vision has improved significantly. We really thankful to Dr Sharon. We 100% satisfied.

Ranga Swamy

Dr Sharon d Souza treatment was good I underwent pterygium surgery every thing was good procedure done feeling 80%better thanks for the service

Lisiane Dethier

Dr Sharon d Souza treatment was really good was so excellent service given

Narayan Swamy

Dr Sharon d Souza treatment was very excellent Dr explanation was good underwent pterygium surgery thanks for the treatment

Isita Pal

DR Sharon had been a life saver for me for detecting an issue which I was suffering for last 10 years….very good experience.. Much recommended.


Thanks to Narayana Netralaya…..!Cataract surgery done by Dr. Rohitha Nayak Extremely happy the way she treat the patient.Disease analysis and treatment by Dr.Sharon D’Souza madam is too-good.

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