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Vijay Raman

Dr. Sadanand Shetty is very patient and does a through check and explanation. Very satisfied with him.

sonti sudheer

Dr. Sadanand Shetty was fantastic in educating his patients. He was very patient and explained everything in detail. Had a great experience visiting Narayana Nethralaya for consultation.

vidya bhushan Ray

Consulted Dr. Sadanand Shetty for glaucoma. He listens and understands the problem very patiently and explains the treatment and next steps very well. Had an awesome experience consulting with him.

Ravindran Purayath

Dr sadananda shetty is very patient friendly, very professional in his approach & is very knowledgeable. We are very happy & comfortable to approach him for consultation. Compared to the other Eye Doctors that I consulted,

Sudipta Das

Dr. Sadanand Shetty was very patient and cooperative throughout the consultation. Explained the treatment procedures patiently.


Very Good Experience with Dr Sadanand Shetty sir for Glaucoma check up. I recommend anyone having family history of Glaucoma get checked up by doctor.

ramya bharath kumar

Dr sadhanad Shetty would refer this doctor . For last three years whole family is taking annual check up with the doctor , very friendly and suggests what’s the best very pragmatic .

Manishankar p

We are consulting Dr.Sadanand for Glaucoma and Dr.Prashanth for Cataract issues. Both the doctors are highly professional and kind. Pre and Post operative services were also very smooth. Strongly recommend for Cataract+Glaucoma related issues

soumyadip das

Dr Sadananda was too good and it was very satisfactory as he clearly explained the caused and summary of the medication required. Thanks a lot

Bake with Khushi

Dr Sadanand Shetty He is a very good doctor. I have been visiting him for five years.he is very polite and very good at his work.

Rajasekhar G

Dr.Sadanand Shetty We are happy, doctor takes time to listen our problem and likes the way he diagnose.

Akankhya Barman

Dr Sadanand Shetty, extremely polite and helpful. He has explained the scenario in detail. Very grateful!

Sowmya Bs

Dr Sadanand shetty. Consultation expert:This is our second visit… first we took laser treatment.He is very friendly and suggested the best option possible.He don’t force to any extra checkup.Great place and Doctor’s..

Narasimhan Ramanujam

Dr.Sadanand Shetty is a good Dr. and patiently listened to all my problems and offered medication

keerthana shanmugamu

Dr.Sadanand Shetty is very good in explaining the issue and I am very much satisfied with his consultation

Venkatbapu Yeluri

We consulted Dr. Sadanand Shetty, Glaucoma specialist at Narayana Netralaya Indiranagar for my dad. It has been a pleasant and comfortable experience. The doctor was very informative, helpful and more importantly patiently responded to all our queries. He performed a small laser procedure for my dad and it went very well. Highly recommend both the doctor and the hospital.


Dr. Sadanand Shetty Consultation experience:An excellent doctor!!Just consulting him makes you feel you’re in good hands. He clears all doubts very patiently.I’ve been consulting him for over 3 years now for diabetes related glaucoma & for general checkups too.I would highly recommend him to anyone with any kind of eye problems.

Rahul roy

Dr. Sadhanand shettty consultation experience was very good he is very friendly to the patients.

Narendra C

Dr. Prashant ,Dr. Sanket and Dr. Sadanand Shetty treatment is well and protocol driven.Posting this immediately after the Surgery no side effects so far.Sadanand Shetty treatment post surgery is very well. Patient is 73 year one eyed patient.They gave the treatment and post treatment care is impeccable.

Anamika Iyengar

I had an excellent experience at the Narayana Netralaya centre in Indiranagar. Dr.Sadanand Shetty is patient, takes time to explain matters and reassures patients. Would highly recommend him. The team was extremely efficient, right from the reception greet us and explain the process followed at the hospital. Care was taken to address my concerns, doctors took time to explain their diagnosis and future treatment. Dr.Rohit Shetty, despite a really busy schedule took a lot of care over his examinations. Would strongly recommend Narayana Narayana as a one-stop specialised eye care hospital.

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