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Shweta Kumari r

It was nice experience, All staffs are very well knowledgeable , And. Very co operative, Rohit shetty sir too good smooth talking, out of 5/5 stars

nagaraj muddar

I went through Contoura lasik surgery,by Dr.Rohit Shetty sir. It was a pleasant and smooth process ,during lasik doctors words gave more confidence,pain is not more and clearance in seeing has changed a lot…I am able to see things clear now..Thank u for the doctors and staff for their kind gesture..

sowjanya geetha

My sister has undergone the LASIK surgery by Dr Rohit, it was a pleasant experience, all staff was helpful and for follow up checkup, it was done quickly and explained do and don’ts. Thank you so much for everything Narayana Nethralaya

Jayakumar GT

Got Bilateral Femtosecond Contoura LASIK by Dr. Rohith Shetty Sir And Dr Pooja Khamar. they did very well and its a painless Surgery.Now my vision is Crystal clear

Niraimathi Dhanapalan

I underwent SILK surgery from Dr.Rohit shetty sir.My experience both preop and postop in NN was very smooth.

Anuradha Bharadwaj

The surgery was wonderful and the process was very organised. The surgery was done bye Dr Rohit Shetty.

Danica Vaz

I underwent LASIK surgery by Dr. Rohit Shetty. Had a good experience. Happy with the results.

Sushmitha M N

My husband underwent Bilateral SILK with Xtra treatment. The tests which were done before the surgery were very accurate and doctors suggested SILK Xtra for laser correction of eye sight as well as cornea strengthening. This is the latest, advanced technology which is available in Narayana Netralaya.The hospital is well equipped with advanced technology. Surgery was carried out by Dr. Rohith Shetty. He did the eye treatment very precisely and handled everything gently. All the supportive doctors and staff were also very good at their work. Eye pressure test and vision test were carried out on the very next day of the surgery. We were given proper guidance pre as well as post surgery. We are very happy with the treatment. If anyone is planning to get the eye treatment done, I can say with confidence that this is the right place. Please go ahead

Umang Agarwal

I underwent Contoura Lasik Vision surgery with NN Rajajinagar conducted by Dr Rohit Shetty. Happy with the results so far. Special thanks to the counsellors including Usha Mam who ensured it was a pleasant and smooth experience throughout.

Pranay Vicky

Smile xtra Dr Rohit Shetty
I’m very very happy with surgery and it’s very painless
Doctors and staff are very kind hearted

Yesu babu

Mr. Rohit Shetty sir most experienced person dealth surgery with ease. I am very with treatment taken from Narayana Netralaya, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore. And the staff was very humble. I am very satisfied with treatment what I have got.

Anand N

Surgeon name: Rohit Shetty Gone under Lasik treatment. It’s been a day. After procedure there was so much of eye pain. By EOD it is reduced. So far it is good . Have to see after a week

gnanesh k p

I have undergone a contoura surgery and Rohith Shetty sir has made the surgery successful and overall experience with narayana nethralaya was amazing and the staff was friendly and they all treated me and my family well. Thank you narayana nethralaya for bringing my vision back.


Had surgery performed by Dr Rohit Shetty, overall I had a good experience


I have undergone Lasik surgery under Dr Rohit shetty. It was very good experience. Doctors have taken a very good care.

Kups Kups

Hi My sister underwent lasik surgery which was very good painless, fearless which was done by doctor Rohith shetty she was alright within 2 days she thanks everyone all their marvellous hospitality

Pratik Bhoyar

I underwent through smile relex surgery.Surgery went well. doctor and staff were supportive. They have describe the procedure thoroughly . Thank you Dr. Rohit shetty

Vivek A C

I got my contura vision surgery done by Dr. Rohit Shetty, the overall experience of my surgery and post surgery is amazing

Parul Gupta

I had contoura surgery from Dr. Rohit Shetty. Experience in the hospital was great. Staff was very professional and helpful. They were also available to call and clear doubts. Surgery was very patient oriented. Overall a great experience.

satya patil

I have visited Narayana Nethralaya for Keratoconus treatment. Dr. Rohit Shetty has done proper diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment and after that I have gone through left eye surgery. Dr and support staff was very co operative and polite. I will highly recommend Narayana Nethralaya for Keratoconus treatment and surgery.

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