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Rashmi_ M_A

We undergone Lasik Surgery here… Very Helpful Staff and Dr. Pooja and Dr. Rohit Shetty are well Experienced and Smooth Handling… We are so much Satisfied by the staff especially Nirmala Sister and Girija Ma’am and Suchithra ma’am…and with doctors also…

deeksha venugopal

Dr. Rohith Shetty was very comforting and assuring during the whole procedure. There was a nurse who held my hand throughout the procedure, which felt good. NN is very well equipped with sufficiently staffed ppl who help us throughout.

Md Shaquib Khan

Seamless lasik surgery experience at Narayana Nethralaya Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Done by Dr. Rohit Shetty professionally experienced. You never regret when leaving after surgery.


I have undergone SMILE Xtra surgery by Dr. Rohit Shetty, I was amazed at the results I had after 1-2 days post surgery, my vision became more clear than ever, it’s a wholesome experience for me, I was wearing glasses for a decade which I’m free from, i recommend anyone and everyone to go through this process to gain your vision back.

Rajesh Itagi

I underwent Transprk surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir,Thank you for the entire team,and wonderful service ,Good team work. I would highly recommend for those looking for such surgery. thank you Dr Rohit.


I underwent a contoura lasik refractive surgery a day back,Under the supervision of Dr. Rohit Shetty sir,Now my vision is clear with the gods grace,Thanks to the surgeon and Hospital staff for there proper assistance and guidance,And humble care towards patient care.

Neha Neha

I underwent lasik surgery from Rohit shetty sir I have good experience sir is very helpful during surgery time m very helpful to sir to make my dream come true to see the colourful world without glasses m very thankful to Rohit Shetty sir.

Neha Neha

I underwent lasik surgery from Rohit shetty sir I have good experience sir is very helpful during surgery time m very helpful to sir to make my dream come true to see the colourful world without glasses m very thankful to Rohit Shetty sir.

Devika Anil

Smile extra small incision. Doctor Dr. Rohit shetty and Dr.Pooja thank you so much for for giving me confidence and operating my visuals. I was happy and the process was taken smoothly. I would like thank all the doctors including the councilor Usha for emotionally supporting me.

sana Ilyas

underwent lasik laser surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty.Surgery was very good.And the services are the best that we have got.

Sandeep cn

I underwent Lasik surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir, it was a great experience for me, it takes few mins for the surgery, I recommend this surgery for everyone who where the spectacles like me, Thank you Narayana Netralaya ❤️

Sudharsan Doraisamy

I underwent PRK surgery which was done by Dr, Rohit Shetty, All went good and all the instructions where given properly which should be followed and the doctor gave all the details

Ramesh Bandiwaddar

My wife underwent Keratoconus surgery under the supervision of Dr.Rohit Shetty sir, surgery was successful. Initially I was scared when I heard of Keratoconus, but later it was extremely fine after the surgery. There is nothing to worry when hear word Keratoconus.There is expert team to guide .Thank you Narayana Nethralaya

Monitha Gowda

Smile extra surgery by Dr Pooja and Rohith Shetty.I have gone through smile extra surgery. Just by 1day only I can feel the difference. My vision is much better by just one day. Smile extra surgery is not painfull.

Shazia Sultana

Hey, Done SMILE surgery from Dr. Rohit Shetty, it was a beautiful painless procedure, the way doctor patiently operated, won my heart, every second he was available. Thank you for wonderful job, today because of you I have the confidence walking without my specs.

Chaithra Ramu

Got an LASIK eye surgery this week, as always Narayana Nethralaya is best for any eye related problem All the doctors and staff are amazing and supportive, especially Dr . Rohit Shetty and Pooja Khamar .
Staff like Girija maam and Suchitra is really kind while speaking to me
Thank you so much Narayana Nethralaya for an excellent and smooth surgery experience.

kirana kabadi

This hospital has provided best service. I visited Narayana nethralaya for SMILE surgery. Each and every doctors and staffs have maintained professionalism at every step of process, it was conducted with due care. All the steps which I had to take was clearly mentioned. And my surgery was successfully conducted by Dr. ROHIT SHETTY.Overall the experience here was topnotch .I am grateful for each and every person who were part of this journey.

Sneha L

I underwent a SMILE XTRA surgery from Prof. Rohit Shetty I had a very hostile experience with my surgery and Narayana Nethralaya

Varsha Raj

It was a really nice experience in Narayana nethralaya, I got my lasix done from Dr Rohit shetty, It was a very quick and painless experience and all the staffs and doctors were well behaved they made me feel comfortable in every stage. I’m very happy with my experience.

Anushka Seth

I had a good experience, healing was fast, overall satisfied, surgery done by dr Rohit Shetty

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