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Aruna K s

Doctor name-Rohith Shetty My name is Aruna K S ,I had undergone the Lasik surgery after the treatment I came to feel free satisfaction and I would like to sujjest other to consult and to take treatment here, Finally very satisfied.

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Bhagyashree kb

I had a great experience in this hospital, Doctor Rohit Shetty and their team has treated very kindly..they have taken good care and staff are also very supportive..I thank everyone in the hospital.. I have this hospital for many of my friends..thank you..

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My experience was satisfactory. Rohit Shetty, who is one of the senior doctor, had performed my Lasik surgery. The doctors who did follow up guided me through.the surgery hardly took anytime. The staff, along with the floor manager, Girija, had been of good help. They had through out helped in clarifying the questions I had.

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Shashi Bhushan

Highly recommend for refractive surgery (Contuara). Very cooperative and supportive staff and a great experience with Dr. Rohit Shetty and Dr. Sonia. Thank you Narayana Netralaya -Rakshith Prasad S

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I am very happy with my surgery done. I thank Dr Rohit Shetty.Thanks to all staffs who guided me through out.

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Chethana K

I had right keratoconous eye Dr Rohith Shetty guided me so well and the staff are excellent

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The Lasik process experience was really good. I came to India to get my Lasik done and the doctors were very cooperative. Dr. Rohit Shetty was involved during the surgery and the process was very satisfying.

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Dr. Rohit Shetty performed Contura LASIK for both my eyes. Great service – everything was well organized.

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Rakshitha Natraj

I had a myopia since 8 years I used to ware lens or specticles either . It was so much annoying, so I went through a lasik surgery . I m doing absolutely good now . I thank Dr Rohit shetty for his hopeful words and his best supervision . Thank you

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Carmelita pledger

Mark Alexraj. I had a Lasik surgery done by Dr.Rohit Shetty. My experience with this surgery is that I can see well post surgery. Its only been a week and I’m back to my regular activities.

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Tweety sweety

Hi, I have got my Contoura Lasik surgery on the 30th Dec and the surgery was extremely simple. The doctor Rohit Shetty and the staffs have been very helpful in answering all my queries and been very supportive. The guidance on the after care from my counselor is very helpful. I woyld definitely recommend this doctor for any eye related issues.

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Savi kiran

We have consulted Dr Rohit shetty for my brother Lasik eye surgery. The pre and post operation experience was fantastic. The doctors and faculty are very friendly and they use latest technology to perform operation. I would happily recomend this hospital to others who are looking for refractive surgery.

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Sathosh ganap

Had the best experience in this facility! State of the art equipment and service. I live in USA, and decided to get LASIK done in Bangalore during my winter break, Dr. Rohit Shetty and team were very accommodating and understanding. Plenty of tests and doctor consults before they were absolutely sure if I’m fit for surgery. Dr. Rohit Shetty is absolutely amazing with tons of experience under his belt! Very welcoming! Surgery and post-op went very smooth. Thrilled to bid goodbye to my glasses and contact lenses.

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Roopashree narayana

I have visited Narayana Nethralaya from a very long time. This time I was in India for a short duration and wanted to get done Lasik surgery within that timeframe. Dr.Rohit Shetty and his staff made the entire process very smooth. I would never think of any other place for my eye related issues. I am glad that my eyesight is completely corrected. All thanks to Dr.Rohit Shetty and his team. One suggestion would be to handle the pre-OT room much cleaner and less crowded. Also, it would be better if the surgery cost includes the initial drops that is required immediately after the surgery.

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Mahesh mure

I have underwent Lasik surgery at Narayana Nethralaya, Dr. Rohit shetty has taken care of my surgery. I can say that post surgery I have recovered with proper medications. Thanks

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Akhil aryan

Aryan Dr Rohit Shetty. The hospital infrastructure showcased very well and the doctors are very professional and genuine towards patients ..and my eyes was surgeried in chronological order.i felt good😃

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Supriya br

The hospital was very good to me… I had undergone the Lasik surgery for both my eyes from doctor Dr Rohit Shetty …the surgery was done very well now I am able to see through both my eyes without spectacles I m very happy with the hospitality ..thanks to Narayana nethrayala.

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