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Dr Ravi Krishna Very excellent service and very good surgeon did my eye cataract surgery very smooth with no pain iam very thankful


Dr Ravi Krishna.Did second eye surgery to me and I am very happy and satisfied with the care and service given by hospital and hospital doctors and staffs.

Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi operated my wife for cataract which is good, but the retina surgery done last year is still a problem

Muralidhar Bhat.k

Dr Ravi Krishna Did very good and smooth surgery and good treatment

Ravindra Bhandiwad

Dr Ravi Krishna Very good doctor. Operation was successful and we are very happy.
He is very friendly and explained about the operation in detail as mine was a complicated. Operation was successful and I am very happy about my vision.
Thanks to doctor for his patience and meticulous attention

Srinivasarao Makineni

We have done cataract surgery for both eyes of my father in law here in NN. Dr. Ravikrishna sir was soo patient enough to provide all the details we have asked. I would recommend NN for any eye related issues.

rinku raghav

Dr Ravi Krishna did incredible job for my mother cataract surgery. Overall Narayana Nethralaya is top notch in this segment.

Rashmi Prashanth

Dr Ravi Krishna was very good and knowledgeable He treated my father for cataract operation
The whole operation process was very smooth well attended and performed
Thanks to all kind hearted employees of Narayana Nethralaya for guiding and executing this pro

umar maz

Dr. Ravikrishna is a very good and efficient surgeon. My mother’s cataract surgery is a success. We are satisfied. All staffs are warm and caring. Thanks to all

Asma Parviz

Dr Ravi Krishna Kanaradi We are very happy and satisfied good

Mamata K

Narayana Netralaya is an excellent treatment and healing centre. I felt its god’s grace that I got referred to Dr. Ravi Krishna for my cataract surgery.I was losing hope, when some doctors had refused to operate my cataract, expressing that my RK (Radial Keratotomy) background would create complications. But when I approached Narayana Netralaya Rajajinagar, Dr.Ravi Krishna created in me the hope, confidence and faith. He is not only expert in his work & confident about his work but also gave me & my family the emotional assurance that RK is no more an issue or worry at all. He operated my cataract with so much ease.
It’s not only me, but my family, extended family & Friends are grateful to him. 🙏
The hospital is well organised. The staff is also very helpful. Overall it was an excellent experience for me to be in good hands and environment. Highly recommended for eye treatment. Also their slogan ‘Your faith shall heal you’ is a great mantra that vibrates around and heals the patient faster.

shashikala chavan

Dr.Ravi Krishna One of the best cataract Surgeon. I suggest everyone to experience his service. Divine thanks and gratitude Doctor.

Vishwas M

Dr Ravi Krishna is a very good Surgeon, He made cataract surgery for my mother. It was matured cataract and all the procedures went well.

somu h

Dr Ravi Krishna.Did surgery to me and I am very happy about the doctor and surgery and staffs also.

Madhuri. h.s

Dr Ravi Krishna.Seamless service for cataract surgery . Everything went smooth with good organised flow of events. Has good visual recovery.

P K Poddar

Dr. Ravi Krisha is down to earth, friendly and outstanding doctor. My best regards to him and all cooperative hospital staffs.

Krishna Dass

I visited Narayana Nethralaya, Rajajinagar for my mother’s cataract treatment. Dr.Ravi Krishna Kanaradi performed the cataract surgery. The hospital processes were very efficient and Dr.Ravi Krishna attended to her with care and professionally. We are very satisfied with the overall experience at the hospital.

Kavana C

Dr. Ravikrishna Kanaradi.My father’s both eyes were treated by him. The treatment was very much satisfactory. We felt very happy.

Mohan Sreerama

Dr. Ravi Krishna K The service was excellent and I would definitely recommend this doctor.

Thank you!

Suresh Bopaiah

Dr. Ravi Krishna Dr. Ravi Krishna
Doctor did operation very nicely.
Dr. Did two eye operation & it was very successful. Thank you so much Dr.

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