cataract-in-bangalore-ravi-krishnaHe completed his basic medical education from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical college , Belgaum in 2001 and Post Graduation in Ophthalmology from Prestigious “Regional Institute of Ophthalmology Minto Eye Hospital Bengaluru in 2006. He was actively involved in developing a rural charitable eye hospital “Shree Sharadadevi Eye hospital and Reserch Centre Pavagada for 2 years.Then, he worked as a consultant in the Department of Cataract at Shree Vivekananda Sevashrama Eye Hospital Bengaluru (2008-2009). Then he worked as Chief Medical Officer and Senior Consultant Dept of Cataract Refractive and Implant Vision Correction services at Vasan Eye Care Hospital Karnataka region for 9 years. He was actively involved in teaching . He has presented papers at several national conferences and also has been an invited speaker.Then he joined Narayana Nethralaya as Consultant Dept of Cataract and Refractive Lens Surgery. His areas of interest include Cataract , Refractive and Implant Vision Correction Surgeries. He is currently working as a Consultant in the Department of Cataract and Refractive Lens
Surgery at Narayana Nethralaya -1, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.
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Reviews of Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi ( 112 Reviews)

Ugandhar Reddy (Facebook Review)
Ravi krishna kanaradi …we are fully satisfied with his treatment and my mother was so happy because of she got her vision very nice and she was very happy.
Manish Maru (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna .good treatment very soft and great staff.
Aneel Pm (Facebook Review)
Dr.Ravi Krishna kanaradi sir
ತುಂಬ ಒಳ್ಳೆಯ ಡಾಕ್ಟರ್.ಚನಾಗಿ ಸಲಹೆ ನೀಡಿದರು,ಇಲ್ಲಿನ ಸಿಬ್ಬಂದಿ ಕೂಡ ನಮಗೆ ಉತ್ತಮ ರೀತಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಮಾರ್ಗದರ್ಶನ ಮಾಡಿದರು Dr.Ravi Krishna kanaradi sir ಅವರಿಗೂ ಮತ್ತು ಸಿಬ್ಬಂದಿಗೂ ನನ್ನ ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು..
Sanju Kadlaskar (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravikrishna he is good catracat surgery and quality overall hospital clean and good
Chethan Kumar Ramappa (Facebook Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi he is good doctor.
Sridhar Alaparthi (Facebook Review)
Yesterday I.e 6th June 2019 my mother had gone thru Cataract surgery in Narayana Nathralaya Rajaji nagar .surgery was done by Dr Ravi Krishna Kanamadi .
my mother dont have any pain during the surgery and post surgery till now .
Very much Thanksful to Narayana Nethralaya Rajaji Nagar and Dr Ravi Krishna Kanamadi .
Komalasujay Komalasujay (Facebook Review)
My mother in law under went cataract surgery. We are very happy about Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi ‘s work. very co- operative staff. will recommend Narayana Nethralaya for any eye problems.
Arulkumaran Ravi (Facebook Review)
Dr. Ravi krishna
The overall service from doctor and others from hospital were good and very helpful.

Doctor is very kind.

Shashidhar Shankar (Facebook Review)
The best hospital for eye check up and surgery. Staff members are very caring especially to elders. Consulted Dr. Ravikrishna for my mother and got the surgery done. Care and precautions were explained in detail. Councilling members explained each lens package in detail which was easy you finalize.
Varsha Hegde (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravikrishna Sir was very kind and humble.. never felt that I am undergoing an operation.. thank you so much. I felt I am in safe hands.
Sachin Sachikiccha (Facebook Review)
Dr.Ravikumar sir namma ajjiyannu narayanan nethralaya hospital’sge karedu tandiddevu dr.ravikumar sir thumba chennagi treatment kottaru.
Siddaraju Raju (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi krishna did surgery to my father and he is happy with the surgery and the treatment from the doctor ravi once again thank you narayanana nethralaya .
Ravi Mohan K  (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna is very good doctor and very good surgeon my mother got surgery and she is not facing any problems now she is very fine after surgery by Dr ravi krishna.
Visakh Nair  (Facebook Review)
Great Service by Doctor Ravi, Counsiler Rajitha, Floor Manager Girish and all the staffs.. Special thanks to the CEO Mr. Mithal for the support extended..
Soori NH (Facebook Review)
Dr. Ravikrishna Kanaradi

We had best experience in Narayanan netralaya Rajajinagar
Ravikrishna sir has handled very well and operation was successfully done
we don’t have any issues …no..effects with this…

it was good …and very well went
thank you so much sir.

Chidu Amr (Facebook Review)
My uncle got cataract surgery in Narayana nethralaya by doctor Ravi krishna and we are happy with the service thank you all the staff.
S K Singh (Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna K The doctor is very cordial helpful and proficient in his area. I had my cataract removed and it was a hassle free experience.
Srikanth P (Google Review)
Doctor : Ravi Krishna Cataract surgery that performed on my mother was good. Doctor treated patients with respect and politely. Overall good experience.
Laksh Priya (Google Review)
Dr.Ravi Krishna Kanaradi Polite and experienced surgeon For cataract surgery. Well organized n promising . Thanking him for his cooperation.
Deepak K R (Google Review)
Dr ravikrishna operated on my father in law for cataract surgery. Feedback is satisfactory,
Geetha Mohan (Google Review)
The surgery for both eyescarried out by Dr Ravikrishnaas excellent. The vision and clarity is very very good. Guidance.
Kamalika Chakrabarty (Google Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna K was wonderful. The treatment went very well. It was a great experience.
Chandrashekar kolar Nataraj (Google Review)
Dr.Ravikrishna: The doctor is very professional and takes very good care of the patient. He also provides very good guidance and advises patients thoroughly. We are very happy and grateful to the doctor for all his support and consulting. Lalitha Nataraj Chandrashekar.
Prajwal Sai (Google Review)
The process was smooth, comfortable and fast, there was no issues, definitely recommend. Dr.RaviKrishnan was very pleasant and helpful, treated us well.
Shravan S Shastrimath (Google Review)
Dr.Ravi Krishna Operation was smoothly handled and doctor was interactive and helpfull.
Yogeesha Gowda (Google Review)
My father got cataract surgery in Narayana nethralaya by doctor Ravi krishna and we are happy with their service. Thank you nn1 and all the staff.
Chandrashekar kolar Nataraj (Google Review)
Dr.Ravikrishna: The doctor is very professional and takes very good care of the patient. He also provides very good guidance and advises patients thoroughly. We are very happy and grateful to the doctor for all his support and consulting. Lalitha Nataraj Chandrashekar.
(Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna has been very friendly and clear in communication and has explained all the methods clearly.
Sivadutta (Google Review)
Dr. Ravikrishna has done cataract surgery of my mother at this hospital. Today is the first day after surgery and mom is feeling better vision. I wish she should see the world with a better vision everyday day after day. Thank you Dr. Ravikrishna for everything..
Shyla Murali (Google Review)
Dr.Ravi Krishna. Its very good experience.They treated very all.Overall staff is very cooperative and well treated.Heartly thank you so much NARAYNA NETHRALAYA😍.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna was done the laser operation. He is very good and kind to people. Narayana nethralaya is a good hospital and it is very clean. staffs are very good.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna, excellent doctor with great skills in his profession.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna kanaradi did surgery to my brother’s wife and she is very happy and fine with the doctor and with the surgery very good doctor and nice and neat hospital.
(Facebook Review)
Dr ravi krishna kanaravadi surgery is well good sagacious everything is good.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravikrisna sir. very good doctor surgery was fine and good treated also well.
(Facebook Review)
Dr.Ravikrishna Kanarad is very good and care taking doctor and very well treated and good surgeons.
(Facebook Review)
Dr.Ravi Krishna its very good treatment
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna is a very good surgeon, friendly nature and we are satisfied with surgery done by him.. a very good hospital. thank you.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna was very much friendly and we are satisfied with the cataract surgery done by him. Dr has done the checkup post surgery and given us the valuable information. We recommend Narayana nethralaya for the cataract treatment as very much satisfied.
(Facebook Review)
Narayana Nethralaya is one of the best in India for eyes Dr Ravikrishan is one of the best in India.
we had great experience and my eye roblem is resolved, thank you team.
(Facebook Review)
Dr. Ravi krishna kanaradi , He is very good communication with the other.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna Sir’s treatment and his dealing with patients is very nice. I thankfully to dr .k. bhujang sherry sir. Thank you.
(Facebook Review)
Dr.Ravi Krishna is one of the best Cataract Surgeon in Narayan Netralaya. Doesn’t feel like a Hospital but feels like we are treated @Home.
(Facebook Review)
Dr. Ravikrishan Sir is very good surgeon and I m happy with him and also hospital is very well and also services and good environment I thanks Ravikrishan Sir to get a new eye of mine and thank all of hospital employees…
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravikrishna is a very good and Experience cataract surgeon and his approach and way of surgery is Fantastic.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna has done the Lazer operation. He is an excellent doctor. His approaching and behaviour to the patient give confidence to the patient.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna has done surgery to my father and everything is nice and fine and very good doctor’and very well and fine atmosphere and neat and hygienic hospital.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi krihan was very helpful did educate the patient about the process and helped in the smooth process of the operation.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna did surgery to my father and he is fine and good he is happy that he got the surgery done by this doctor and we recommend narayana nethralaya and doctor Ravi Krishna to a cataract surgery.
(Facebook Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna had done the cataract removal surgery for both my eyes. He is very good in instilling confidence in patients. It was a great experience. I never felt any worry about my surgery. The hospital is well organized and everything is done systematically without any hassles.
(Facebook Review)
We took catract surgery.Dr Ravi krishna operated the surgery. It was really good experience.The vison got improved much better now.The hospital catract packages are bit high.But they are providing discount for poor people.That’s very nice.if the packages price bit less then appriciatable.But the overall exp was vrry good.Thanks to Narayana nethralya.
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishan kanaradi .. is Good Dr and we have felt very good experience in narayana nethralaya
(Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna was quite good in identifying the problem and I got operated for my cataract in the very next week. Feeling quite good now and vision also totally clear. Service here is excellent .
(Facebook Review)
Best humanitarian one of the best eye surgeon
(Facebook Review)
Hospitals are called temples for no reason. We visited NN3 for cataract surgery of my friend who flew from US only for this. Doctor Prashanth at NN3 was so helpful and resourceful. He recommended NN1 because we wanted to go for trifocal lens. We arrived at NN1 and met Mrs Meenakshi as advised by Dr Prashant. Mrs Sowbhagya and Meenakshi madam helped us around until we finished all tests and ordered for lens in hurry as we don’t have whole lot of time. Surgery was conducted by Dr Ravi Krishna. He is so talented and courteous which is a rare combination. Surgery went very smooth and in fact he even agreed to operate on second eye very next day if lens is available. Entire process was very smooth and procedure went very successfully. From reception staff to technicians to juniors doctors to Surgeons, everybody is very helpful and best at their job. Thank you NN for everything. Looking forward for second eye surgery too.
(Google Review)
Met Dr. Ravikrishna in Narayana Netharalaya for cataract surgery. Excellent doctor and the surgery was done well for my mom.
(Google Review)
Ravi Krishna: Done with a cataract surgery, procedure went smooth and fine. Thank you!
(Google Review)
Dr.Ravi Krishna sir is very good Doctor, excellent service .We are happy to have consulted one of the best Doctor in Narayana Nethralaya.
(Google Review)
Dr Ravi Kumar Kanardi. Best cataract surgeon
(Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna, with keen interest and soft spoken surgery went on and doctor patiently cleared all the queries and gave valuable advice.
(Google Review)
Hospitals is very nice treatment is extraordinary and Dr Ravikrishna sir very nice person.
(Google Review)
Dr. Ravi krishna cataract surgeon operated my mother s left eye. It is good experience with the surgeon
(Google Review)
Dr.Ravi Krishna treated my mother in law and we are indeed thankful to him for all the help and support pre and post the cataract operation.Thanks!
(Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna kanaradi is a specialist We had a good experience
(Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna…. Very happy to say that… operation have been success and… Hart full v r very bowing and saying u tq….. Behalf of my father…… And happy to take treatment in this Hospital.. 😊
Sharon Pothen (Facebook Review)
Fantastic Staff in each and every dept!Dr.Ravi Krishna Kanaradi was absolutely fantastic in putting my petrified mother at ease!Thankyou all …for this level of success as this would not be possible without you!
Balasubramaniam R Iyer 
Dr Ravikrishna Kanaradi
Feedback –
Happy with all the preoperative operative and postoperative procedures at Narayana Nethralaya , Yeshwantpur Bangalore.
With many thanks
Bala Iyer
Sailakshmi Venkataraman (Facebook Review)
The hospital is good. Efficient & prompt. The staff are very courteous & patient answering all queries. Not once did we face any sign of annoyance amongst staff.Dr. Ravi Kumar Karandi carried out the cataract surgery on my mother. She was extremely comfortable during the surgery with the doctor who was attentive & the entire process was seamless. Post operative consultation also was quick. He patiently answered our queries despite having a hectic schedule. We highly recommend Dr. Ravi Kumar Karandi who is an experienced surgeon.
Abhinav Kumar (Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna is very helpful and very knowledgeable. The entire process here was delightful. Very happy with the process. Kudos to entire team.
Nayan Chetty (Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna is very good doctor, introduce by one of my dad friends Mr karna and Mr Prasad (secretiate vidanasowda). His way of treatment, talk, respect is very good. And our family is so happy.Thank you to Dr Ravi Kirshna. Narayana Nethralaya is a very good hospital. The staff are very comfortable,very good technology, Doctors, clean, etc
Akshay Patil (Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna kanaradi operated my mother for cataract and the surgery went very well and the doctor was very calm and patient .
Ashwath Kumar (Facebook Review)
DR Ravi krishna
well replay to pacient took nyce care on surgery happy with the responce
Sarvotham Rao (Facebook Review)
Dr.Ravi Krishna polite, precise, very professional. Gave clear instructions. The customer care staff were very helpful & made our experience quite memorable.
Mohan Shinde (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna is an excellent Doctor. We are happy with the services provided by you. Thank you.
Mankarnika Patil (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishana excellent surgeon and very good nature.Mr SS Udupa an old friend and staff here has been most helpful in getting the surgery done.All the staff including MR Girish have been very cuortetious and helpful.All staff in the surgery department all very good and helpful .Even the security staff good and helpful .Thank you .G.H Patil…
Guru Prasad (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravikrishna. Very good treatment given and we are very happy . Surgery went well.
Ammu Ram (Facebook Review)
I had been to the hospital for my mother’s cataract surgery. Dr Ravikrishna made my mother very comfortable during surgery as she suffers from vertigo…we are very satisfied and recommend the doctor and the hospital.
Madhu Sudhan (Google Review)
Dr. Ravi krishna – Very generous and responsive . Attends patients carefully and tells all the details clearly.The surgery conducted was without any painful, gentle and utmost careful.
Sasmita Mohapatra (Google Review)
Dr. Ravi krishna is an excellent doctor who treated my mother very well. The staffs of the hospital are very cooperative and helping. Thank you all.
Guru Prasad (Google Review)
Ravi krishna sir good treatment nice caring.
Milind Mudaliar (Facebook Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna. the feedback is good. the doctor explained in detail. waiting time at OPD is reasonable . the surgery completed within 20 min.
Bharat Singh Baghel (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna Kanarad from narayana nethralaya done cataract surgery for Saroj Baghel on 18Apr19. Everything was satisfactory.
Hemavathi Saravana (Facebook Review)
we got done cataract surgery from Dr.Ravi Krishna kanaradi in Narayana nethralaya hospital yesterday.. We had a very good experience because the staff being very cooperative and Dr too very kind enough to guide us and we are very thankful.
Nata Manju (Facebook Review)
Dr’ Ravi krishna have seen us very well and we have felt very good experience in narayana nethralay.
Nanda Kumar (Facebook Review)
Ravi Krishna. Gud…. Waiting for gud progrwess….Well-done and keep up good work.Thank you.
Santosh Gowda (Facebook Review)
Dr, ravi krishna kanaradi very good service and treatment on the whole a good Team.
Mahendra NC Gowda (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna kanaradi Good responseurgery went well every thing is fine staffs were very friendly and awesome doctor.
Sagar MC Gowda (Facebook Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna, is a very good surgeon, surgery went well, very well behaved staff, totally very good hospital, will suggest family members and friend.
Bheemiah M.G (Google Review)
I have get good experience in ur hospital an doctors DR ,Ravi Krishna have treated very well and stafs have well treated and good experience in narayana nethralaya hospital.
Vijayagopal  (Google Review)
My experiences with a Narayana Netralaya Spence from my first visit till the operation and post operative visit very satisfactring in respect of dealings with DR’Ravi Krishna and the other staff the I have ended trained.
Sandeep Kulhalli (Google Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna, was very encouraging and confident. He made me feel very comfortable and the surgery procedure was very smooth. I was very happy with the entire pre, surgery and post surgery experience Thank you.
Bheemiah M.G (Google Review)
I have get good experience in ur hospital an doctors DR ,Ravi Krishna have treated very well and stafs have well treated and good experience in narayana nethralaya hospital.
 Shivakumar Kumbi (Google Review)
Dr ravi krishna is excellent docter in narayan netralya.
Omkara Murthy (Google Review)
hospital is fully equipped with specialised instruments and Dr ravikrishna is excellent in cataract surgery.
Sandhya M R (Google Review)
Past 6 months my mother taking treatment cataract operation done right eye ..Then my mother have some infection in eyes Dr ravi krishna sir refred to Dr sanjay . we met Dr .Sanjay he explained very well regarding infection problem .He started treatment now my mother improving we would like to thank you Dr sanjay sir Thank you.
Ganga Sagar Deshpande (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna Kanaradi is best doctor and we had good experience with surgery.
Narayana anethralaya is best hospital and good services. over all we had a best experience and we are satisfied.
Ramesh DO (Facebook Review)
Dr Ravikrishna Reddy a very friendly doctor…… treatment was good.
Kethan Vijayakumar  (Facebook Review)
Had a wonderfull experience with Dr Ravi Krishna Kanaradi, one of the most experienced surgeons here.
Kavya Nagaraj (Facebook Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi
has done surgery for my brother we really surprised vth the result he has really improved his vision very well
we really thank him thank you so much sir
Narayana Nethralaya is the place which has been given light to many more people’s life.
Dhananjay GT (Facebook Review)
D. Ravikrishna , regarding treatment, handling of patients good.
Shivalinga Swamy
Dr ravi Krishna he have did nice surgery and every will have eye problem and this is the best hospital and I ha e felt very good experience in narayana nethralaya and hear staf they have well and good friendly and co,operated stats.
Swapna Dinakaran (Google Review)
Good speaking and care taking Dr.Ravikrishnan
Parameshwar SV
“Dr Ravi Krishna is Very good response doctor.and treatment is also good.”
Veeresh Hiremath (Google Review)
Professional services by Dr Ravi Krishna. He made sure that my mother is comfortable throughout the process by assuring and commucating in kannada.
Mageshwaran P
Dr Ravi Krishna have treated very well and we have felt good experience in Narayana nethralaya”
Chandan Ramesh (Google Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna We are happy with operation by Dr. Ravi Krishna Thank you.
Aruna Iyengar
Dr Ravi Krishna Cataract surgeon and his staff to s very co operative and good. Taking my mom back with good vision,she is very happy about the painless procedure she underwent on May1 2019. Thank you Dr and staff.
Sakthivel s
“Yesterday Dr.Ravikrishna cataract surgery is good”.
Mohammad Hussain (Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna have treated very well and we have felt good experiences in narayana nethralaya.
Balasubramaniyam Achar (Google Review)
My father had undergone a cataract surgery we had a very good experience with Dr.Ravi Krishna Kanaradi, Felt very comfortable….
Pavani en (Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna have did nice surgery and we have satisfied with his operation.
Nageshappa K S (Google Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna, Eye specialist Narayana Netralaya conducted a left eye surgery of my wife on 6/5/19 at about 1100 hrs on referred by CRPF Doctor smoothly. I experienced that, the Doctor and hospital Staff including the cleanness of hospital are the best in all over the Karnataka as well as in India. The treatment affordable by all poor, middle class people. I really appreciate and thanks to the hospital and pray the God to bless all the best for their future also. With regards. Nageshappa, Inspector, GC,CRPF, Yelahanka, Bangalore-64.