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Mohan Kumar

Dr ramgopal is a great dictator he guides us very well his treatment is excellent and also staffs are very good

Prabhakar H S

Dr Ram Gopal Very cordial. Comfortable approach. People friendly. Knowledgeable.

Sai Smrithi Muthukumar

Visited Dr Ramgopal . He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and efficient. The staff are courteous, helpful and understanding. Their guidance has made the visit a comfortable and pleasant one.

Venugopal Rk

Dr RAMGOPL .excellent service . Even staff good service thank you

Poonam Mullur

Dr Ram Gopal was extremely professional and very helpful in clarifying all queries. Highly recommended. Thank you.Field test personal and overall staff very knowledgeable and do justice to their job.

Balasubramanian P

Dr Ramgopal, Glaucoma specialist is a caring, patient and very good professional. Mr Venu of his office displayed high customer service skills and was quick, efficient and professional. Well done 👍👏👏

tester exam

Dr Anusha k L pediatric department Doctor checked very nicely and explained very nicely very good experience thank you…Dr Ramgopal B Glucoma department
I am coming from jakarta every year from last 12 years and visiting the doctor. My experience is excellent and he explained very nicely. Thank you doctor.

Venkatraman Kannan

Consulted Dr Ram Gopal for regular glaucoma review. Excellent care by him and efficient support by OCT and “Field test” sections

Suchetha Rao

Dr.Ramgopal Very good treatment. Staffs are very much co operative and good hospitallity

Ramya Ramya

Dr. Ramgobal Very encouraging employed and dr

Ameena Mubashir

Mr. Ramgopal (Glaucoma Surgeon) A True Doctor who made my mother to see the world again.Unlimited compliments to him.Thank you for your service.

Malathi sathya

Dr Ramgopal Thanks for the Cooperation of the staff and the exact diagnosis of the case The staff was very helpful in organizing the checkups thanks once again

Deepika Deepu

Dr.Ram Gopal Is excellent the overall service of the staff is tremendous tq each and everyone

Jayaprasad Jayaprasad

Dr ramgopal is very good and good human being overall hospital is excellent tq all

Rithisha Raaghav

Dr Ramgopal, he is very soft and excellent treatment given to my mother

shilpa shilpa

Dr Ramgopal done excellent treatment to Me thanks dr

Vijayanand V

Dr Ramgopal service is excellent and professional

Trivikram Ramuhalli

I had glaucoma evaluation by Dr. Ramagopal Excellent doctor with very polite and courteous treatment. Highly satisfied and impressed.

Rama Prasanna H.S

Dr Ramgopal Tqs, for treatment.And satisfied.And also giving support & satisfied.Tq, once again.

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