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Dr. Raksha Rao Reviews

Total Reviews – 88

Sheela Sree

I had visited Dr. Raksha Rao who is really very polite and understandable. she explains the concern very clearly. A must visit doctor for sure.

pushpa raj

Dr. Raksha Rao good job great experience…..

Vrinda Poddar

Very smooth and wonderful appointment. she was knowledgable and great manners.

Mario Rozario

Met Dr.Raksha Rao a very good,courteous,knowledgeable and patient Dr. She is highly recommended

tencoh2002 jimme

Dr Raksha good consultation, Refer to meet dr. Sadanand shetty for glaucoma opinion.

Anil Chintawar

Dr.Raksha Rao,Thank you doctor for your excellent support and successful Ptosis surgery of my Son Abhishek’s let eye.Your guidance post surgery has been very helpful.Thanks Anil Chintawar

Rocky Bhai

Doctor Raksha Rao did the surgery to my son….

Nikita Priyadarsini

Dr.Raksha Rao was super helpful and provided the required help quite seamlessly.

Umadevi Radhakrishnan

Dr Sadananda Shetty is an excellent Doctor and all other staff members were also extremely helpful and caring. Sachin and Dr Raksha Rao ,s services are laudable

tarigonda Shahintaj

Consultation done without any problem..Everything is systematic and we’ll hospitality..Doctor Adrian Sandeep sir treated well for my mother .. Raksha ma’am also checked nicely for my child..Thank you..

raaz chitti

Dr Raksha Rao Really thank full to u mam….

Soham Ghosh

Dr. Raksha Rao was friendly and explained in details about necessary steps


Dr raksha has good instinctive diagnostic capacity. Haapy to be inspected by her.

Subrata Sarckar

Very good experience with Dr. Raksha Rao for me and Dr. Neha for my son. Both of them listened and advised accordingly . Even supporting staff are very cooperative. Thank you

Ibrahim Sab k

Dr Raksh Rao is a nice person and she treated us well

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