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Dr. Raksha Rao

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Total Reviews – 75

raaz chitti

Google 2

Dr Raksha Rao Really thank full to u mam….

Soham Ghosh

Google 2

Dr. Raksha Rao was friendly and explained in details about necessary steps


Google 2

Dr raksha has good instinctive diagnostic capacity. Haapy to be inspected by her.

Subrata Sarckar

Google 2

Very good experience with Dr. Raksha Rao for me and Dr. Neha for my son. Both of them listened and advised accordingly . Even supporting staff are very cooperative. Thank you

Ibrahim Sab k

Google 2

Dr Raksh Rao is a nice person and she treated us well

Praveen Susheela

Google 2

Dr. Raksha rao Did my son eye surgery I’m happy with her service thanks to doctor raksha rao

Kokila Chandru

Google 2

Dr. Raksha roa. Very good and made the operation Very kindly

lacchu manju

Google 2

Dr raksha rao first consultation was good she is explain very clearly

Moushmi Udaykumar

Google 2

Dr. Raksha Rao was good and extremely knowledgeable and explained patiently all the details.

Umesh Singh

Google 2

(Translated by Google) Dr Raksha Rao (Original) Dr raksha rao


Google 2

I am consulted emergency in narayana netharalya Dr Raksha Rao treated she was surgery was done she is very good tq occuloplasty department and staff

Uma Padak

Google 2

Dr rakskha rao surgery was done by my son surgery was good tq mam

Sandeep Gowda

Google 2

Dr.Raksha Rao is very good doctor my surgery was done madam thank you

Nagaraju CM

Google 2

Dr Raksha Rao is a good surgeon, I am happy with her treatment, i will definitely refer needy patients.Thanks to oculoplasty team

Prajyot Sinha

Google 2

Dr. Raksha was very professional. I liked the diagnosis and the overall professionalism.

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