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Vaidehi Renganathan

Excellent treatment from Dr.Prathiba H Hande for Retinopathy. Total recovery. Very happy

Rajesh Bhaskar

Excellent, kind and personal care. Thank you Dr Prathiba Hande, Dr Sanket and Dr Prashanth and the whole NN3 team. Thank you for spending enough time and discussing details of the symptoms, treatment and outcome. (Virectomy and Cataract for my mother.)

Bilinda Brigitta

Indeed it was a good experience, staff were very approachable and Dr. Prathiba Hande.., made the visit worth and also it was very pleasing after visiting her, she was practical, extremely clear in informing what happened to the eyes, what is the precaution…. And overall it is worth coming to Narayana Nethralaya.

Surya Priya R

I visited Narayana Netralaya, Indira Nagar with blurred vision. I was examined by the Dr. Prathiba Hande. She quickly deduced that my retina had detachment and prepped me for surgery the very next day.The surgery went well and post surgery care was excellent. The staff were very accomodating for my concerns and questions. I would highly recommend this hospital. Special note needs to be made about how efficiently everything was done with respect to Covid 19 restrictions.

Wilfred Wily

We had visited Narayana Nethralaya eye hospital Indranagar branch. Had very good experience with Dr. Pratibha hande was very polite well experienced. We had multiple visit yet she was sweet and kind and made my nephew Arjun comfortable. Highly recommend her for any eye related issues. God in disguise.

Priyabrata Sinha

Dr Pratibha Hande is a really good and experienced surgeon and consultant.She has been taking immense care and with multiple followups. My son recently had a scleral buckling surgery for his retinal detachment. She has completely cured and reattached my son’s retina. God works through her hands. She counsels us all with wisdom and understanding and educates the patient very well. I highly recommend her for any retina related treatments and surgeries.

Charan Raj

Very good experience and Dr.pratiba mam explained very well

Neera Sarmah

It was very good experience thanks to the Dr prathibha and all the staff for the awesome hospitilty. Thanks to Deepa who helped me guided me .. thank you.

krishnan hariharan

Dr.Prathibha Hande and entire team has been extremely supportive and been of great help in identifying the issue and curing it.

Bhaskar Erumalu

This is the regarding about Dr. Prathibha Hande. The way she is treating is awesome and she explains about the issue very clearly. She is well experienced doctor and decided to recommend this hospital.

Anjala Jutur

Happy to get treated my mother by Dr prathiba… She’s very good, genuine and kind with patients 🙂

Pratibha S

My mother is very happy with the care and treatment given by Dr Pratibha Hande.

Sanjay Kumar S Melsakri

Dr. Dikshita Rathod and Dr. Pratibha are really professional and treated me with an utmost care..

suma rao

Met Dr. Prathibha Hande. She is good & very polite.

wasim Ahmed

I really thanks n appreciate Dr prathiba hande for being so calm n excellent doctor ..she had operated me for surgery (retinal detachment).way of her explanation was so easy for me to understand n i thank almighty that my treatment was done by such experience doctor.. N i also thank Dr sadanand Shetty as well coz he has been taken care of controlling my eye pressures..he is so gentle person with a good attitude .. Thank u for Narayana nethralaya for having such well experienced and good doctors and well maintained n helpful staff.

Sapuni Peicho

I have bought a patient from Manipur name seiba.p for treatment of retina and cataract retina was done successfully by dr.anupama kiran and now cataract has to do so far till now I have experience that all the staff are so good and excellent make a patient feel free and make confidence , after all the hospital or clinic this narayana nethralaya leads all the rest. keep it up and let the others people also experience the quality of the hospitality.

Jaya Shree

Wonderful experience by Dr. Prathiba hande retina specialist.. Good experience by the staff also.

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