Dr. Prathiba Hande

Dr. Prathibha Hande Reviews

Total Reviews – 194

Sudeep Gowda

Good experience and diagnostic by Narayana netralaya , Drpratibha and DrAjay were good

kiran Radha Karunakaran

Dr prathibha hande was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the consultation for my mother

Sunil Ghatikachala

We got retina surgery from Dr.Prathiba hande mam. She is really good.after surgery we find lot of improvement. Thanks a lot mam.

Pavan Kumar Banda

Dr. Prathibha Hande – very happy with her approach Deepa too Please consider sending reports and prescription via email

sunil mody

Dr Prathiba hande overall good experience

Tejas Pradhan

Very good experience with Dr. Pratibha and Dr. Prashanth.

Hajira Zia

I am happy with dr pratibha and sanket

Rahul Muthanna

Consulted Dr Prathibha Hande for a routine eye checkup. Everything was organized well, right from registration to consultation. It was quick and did not have to wait for long.

Udayashankar S S

Happy with Dr.Prathiba Hande’s diagnosis and recommendations.

Ahmed Ashraf

I’m happy with Dr. Pratibha Hande consultation. Thank u

Tara Prabhakar

I was impressed by the warm, caring environment right from the reception to the testing to the consultation. I took both my ages parents for their regular checkup and it was quite difficult to manage them both but the staff was so supportive. Dr. Pratibha was especially kind and her expertise was very evident in the way she dealt with my father. Thank you, Narayana Nethralaya. You exceeded our expectations.

Dr Anjali Pal

We consulted Dr Pratibha Hande for a retinal issue. She was very thorough and professional. The entire setup at the hospital is smooth, from initial eye check up to meeting the specialist, more or less done on time, by appointment.

Rishav Gupta

Dr Prathibha did a good consultation and advices appropriately

Antaryami Dash

I’m really happy with Dr. Prathiba Hande. I strongly recommend to all. She is the real God to me. Thank u

deepu hemam

I’m happy with Dr. Pratibha consultant. Looking forward in future for routine check up.

[email protected] J

I am happy with dr prathiba consultation with very kind and awesome advice of her duty I suggested for consultation with all OPD staffs in this hospital

Srinivas Ramachandra


Dr.Prathiba hande is well experienced doctor I would like to prefer her to others

Manisha Mishra

Doctor Prathiba has been very helpful throughout my mother’s retinal hole surgery and treatment. I would recommend her to everyone with retinal issues. Narayana Nethralaya Indiranagar has all the facilities with good staff and organisation.

Ravi T

Dr sanketh and dr prathibha is really awesome they are the true consultant thank u

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