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Subhasri Chatterjee.

kajal to avoid unwanted attention and questions. Around 6 years back I underwent a surgical procedure under a surgeon in another city who did not solve the root cause but only shaved the visible part of the growth… unfortunately the boil grew back within a few years. I consulted Dr. Moupia recently and she patiently explained the root cause and how this growth may cause further issues in the future. A few days later, she surgically removed the growth from my eye lid which took about 10 to 15 minutes in the OT (local anesthesia). It took 3 to 4 hours in the hospital on the day of surgery. I could continue working from home from the very next day and after 6 days my stitch was removed (painless). She is extremely efficient, lovely personality and the best Dr. for a nervous freak like me. Now, am not forced to cover my eyelid in Kajal and my vision is clear. I can’t thank Dr. Moupia enough! PS: This procedure is not a cosmetic enhancement procedure so is covered under insurance. I got mine done under the cashless insurance facility. Am writing this long review so that people who have similar condition like mine can benefit from this information.

Sri J

Thank you for your assistance Dr. Moopia

shankar krishnan

Our visit for treatment of my mother’s eye was very fruitful. All the staff were supportive and helpful at every step. Our special appreciation and thanks to the expertise and personal touch of Dr. Moupia. She expained to us in depth the condition of my mothers eye. She attended to her with lots of compassion .God bless the doctor and the team.

Krishna Hanumantappa

I have brought myself and with my family.. I felt very comfortable especially with Dr Moupia and her team was well expressive taughts have done by them.. I appreciate them personally with their devoted work towards shown to us… Thank you once again Dr Moupia and her team 😍

Kodhanda Rama

Great experience as a first timer the doctor and staff were all very friendly helpful and dedicated and professional.My surgery Done by Dr moupia we are very happy with the procedure Thank you Doctor moupia😊 And Team …

Pushpa T

My mother Excision Biopsy surgery done by Dr moupia mam we are very satisfied with the procedure Thank you Doctor and Team of doctor moupia 👩

pln pln

Right eye Lipo dermoid done by Dr Mopia Mukhopadhya. THANK YOU DOCTOR We are Happy with the surgery Dr Mopia Mukhopadhya and team.

Chaitra Naik

As a staff working in occuloplastry department,I am happy to share my personal experience about the professional and caring treatment in our hospital.I am grateful to Dr.moupia who performed DCR surgery to my father, know he is fine and recovered.she is so caring and generous towards patients, every staffs handle patients in a professional and caring way.I am so proud to be a working as a staff in this hospital.

Rumi Sikdar Rathod

I have consulted Dr. Moupia for the last 1 year on various occasion. Recently I went for Xanthelasma operation. It is a fine micro surgery to be done with precision and not allow any scars. I am truly satisfied with the results. Not only does she work skillfully but also integrates her treatment with patient to internalise the overall holistic recuperation.

Mahesh Sharma

Had an awesome experience at Narayana Nethralaya Bannerghatta Road hospital. The entire experience was very patient friendly. Special mention for Dr. Moupia who patiently and promptly explained the whole diagnosis and was patient with us. I highly recommend this hospital for any of your eyecare needs.

Moyukh Roy

NN Staff are Good & Professional. Dr. Moupia was really Good 👍 Educated me also about certain things.

Akash M

Hi I am Akash, I started my treatment back in 2019, I had lasik eye surgery. I noticed dark circles and under eye hollowness which was very prominent. I checked on Google there were a lot of clinics that dealt with dark circles and under eye hollowness. But they were usually by skin specialists. Finding the Aesthetics studio in Narayana Nethralaya , headed by DR. Moupia Mukhopadhyay was a blessing. She is specialist in eye , skin and what not. The fillers are under eye and I was relieved as the doctor is a eye specialist too and eye being a delicate part. I got my first filler in 2019 from Dr. Moupia. It was a very smooth procedure which lasted for for few minutes and there was no pain at all. I could walk out and do my day to day tasks hassle free. The filler lasted more than a year, atleast for me. Usually it is claimed to last for 6 months. Later that year, I started to notice hair fall and Dr.Moupia suggested for PRP treatment which was not only done for the scalp but for under eyes too, which reduced the dark circles. My hairfall reduced significantly after 2-3 sessions of PRP. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to Dr. Moupia for her continuous feedback, dedication and being a great human being. I also got my under eye filler this year 2022. Also have been undergoing PRP sessions recently. I like to end this review stating, that I am fortunate to be in great hands.

M Prasad

Extremely satisfied with the treatment received by Dr Subhash, Dr Pooja and Dr Moupia.

Veedhashree Ravi

Hi, This is Veedhashree Ravi. Here i am very glad to share my best experience at Narayana Nethralaya eye hospital Bannerghatta..I have had eye problems for the past 7 years..My eyes were small and my eyelids were drooping. I went to more eye hospitals and i took more eye tests and scans but i didn’t get a proper reply and treatment.. So after that my sister-in-law.. Who is working at this hospital.. She asked to come for a check up.. So i came here and i got a treatment with Dr. Moupia then explained to me what exactly the problems i have and why I need this surgery.. Yes i had eye PTOSIS issue. So after that the surgery was done and my eyes are very healthy and looking good now.. The thing, is it was pain-less surgery The first time i was so afraid about the surgery.. then they gave me good and very hopeful counseled before my surgery.. And then my surgery was done very well. Now my eyes are very good. Now I come to know that eyes are how important in human life.. Thanks is just a word. Thankful to DR. Moupia for your hopeful service and Did a big Cheng’s for life..I want to share my story. So that it will help others who have small eyes (PTOSIS)

Rashmi Sharma

I had consulted with Dr Moupia for my mother’s eye infection. Hospital and doctor were very supportive, explained in details and doctor called couple of time for close review (though it was holiday for her) and monitoring as infection was very severe. Really appreciate and thank for care and congratulations.

Debjani Chowdhury


Good experience with Dr.Moupia and the staff. Appreciate the efficiency. Thank you.

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