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Abhaya Kumar Singh

My right eye was watering a lot.unbearable.consulted DR MOUPIA GOSWAMI MUKHOPADHAYA.Botulinum toxin (Botox) injection was given in clinic.Thanks watering reduced to 70-80%

Muthu Raj

My child age 2 year old had watering and discharge in right eye since birth. Probing was done successfully by Dr.Moupia .And I am happy Thank you

Julius Harrison

Dr Moupia I am extremely satisfied with the consultation I had here. The services are really good. I’m extremely happy with the prosthesis made by Dr. Jubanki. Kudos to your great efforts and artwork. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Jyothi C j

Patient jolly was seen by dr moupia in which doctor have seen patiently

Yeshwanth yashu

Dr.Moupia She was calm and explain very well about my eyes problem.Thank you

Jane Mathew ssps

(Translated by Google) Dr Moupia and Dr Shanthi Priya were good

Manoj Kumar


Dr Moupia is a highly skilled professional who helped demystify the thyroid eye disease for us and provided the excellent treatment that my wife needed. In the month of Feb 21, all of a sudden my wife observed retraction in the left upper eyelid. She was diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease. She has been on Thyronorm medication since 1994 for Hypothyroidism. The lid retraction led to severe anxiety and stress. Then we visited Narayana Nethralaya, Bannerghatta Road where she started her treatment under Dr Moupia Goswami Mukhopadhyay. Doctor Moupia advised that TSH fluctuations has to be continued to be monitored, managed and controlled by treating Dr. Shobha Naidu for Hypothyroidism while she administered two doses of Tricort Injection in the clinic (OPD), each dose in the gap of four weeks. The injection was given in the upper eyelid and no bandage or rest is needed after the injection. It is neither a costly procedure and is like any normal injection. The results were great and retracted eyelid improved to the almost original level. The treatment advised by Dr. Moupia was successful and we express our since gratitude and thanks to her as it really solved the anxiety and stress we were going through for more than a year.The treatment avoided the complicity of surgery right now.

Jitul Bora

My wife had yellow deposit in upper and lower eyelid ( Xanthelesma). Cholesterol deposit. I came to Narayana Hospital for this treatment and checked with Famous Dr Moupia Goswami who explained what to do best for this. As per her advise, my wife did surgery , done by Moupia Goswami. She is really amazing doctor. My wife ‘ s face is now without deposit. She looks better now . Thanks Moupia madam and Narayana Nethrayala. We are happy.

k hemanth reddy

I met Dr Moupia,senior doctor and mam has explained with great detail and gave crisp information.I had been fortunate to consult from the excellent doctor and she s a very nice human being also .
I highly recommend this hospital for expert care.

Dileep Kumar as

Baby lachitha had a watering problem from many days i have shown to dr avinash in mandya and he had referred us to narayana nethralaya banerghatta to dr moupia she listened to our problem.. She understand us about the procedure which we need to go.. We have undergone to the surgery with dr moupia and dr varshitha now lachitha doesn’t have any watering issues till now Thanks to dr moupia and dr varshitha mam team for helping us

Pankoj Kumar Dey

Dr. Moupia and Dr. Nikita we’re so helpful to us. We recommend to go there and get the best routine eye check up.

Ravi Samprathi

The experience was very good. Dr Sharan Shetty, Dr Sneha Sengupta, Dr Moupia were really very experienced, helpful, supportive, answering our questions and very caring about the patient and conditions.

vijay kumar

Have consulted Dr moupia ..my eyes are completely healed thanks for Dr moupia mam team

tamil selvan

Very good and friendly doctor ,will definitely recommend Dr Moupia to my friends and family.

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