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Rajarshi sharma

I went to the hospital with a complaint of vision being obstructed by a lump on my eyelid. I was advised to consult Dr. Moupia Mukhopadyay who is an Oculo-Plastic surgeon with the hospital. She diagnosed the issue to be a nevus on my eyelid that would require a surgical removal procedure. The care and treatment provided for all stages of the medical process was really good. My vision is better now and the operation went smoother than what I had anticipated. I am very thankful to Dr. Moupia and her team for the care they took of me when I was there.

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Mamatha Chanda

I am Mrs.C Lakshmi devi, from past 2 years I was suffering with some problem in my eyes continuous watering from my both eyes and I have consulted the Dr.Moupia and suggested for the endonasal DCR surgery and now I am feeling better after that surgery i am not facing any problem now thanks mam.

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anitha n

Surgery for removal of Nevus in right eye was executed in an excellent way by Dr. Moupia for my 12 year old son. Dr. Moupia’s diagnosis was perfect in our very first visit. She is an amazing surgeon and my son’s case was handled beautifully end to end. My son was at ease with her during the entire process. The staff is also very friendly and take care of patients nicely

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Pranami Buragohain

I consulted Dr. Moupia r an eye checkup. It was a really good experience. Will visit again in the future for any vision related issues.Highly recommended.

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saif ulla khan

Pipe which drains tears from the eye had cut while playing cricket .I underwent canalicular tear repair by Dr. Moupia and today i had the stunt removed. Now back to normal.

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Sunita Nambiar

My dad had a eye lid correction surgery. Dr. Moupia is a very good doctor and a very nice person. Had a very good experience. Thanks a lot.

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Noob Gamer

I underwent hyaluronic acid filler for under eye hollowness by Dr.Moupia in Aesthetic studio in Narayana Nethralaya Bannerghatta.I am very happy with my results. My under eye hollowness has disappeared. I had no pain or swelling after the procedure. My overall experience was great.

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Jiju Thomas

This review is about Dr. Moupia, DCR procedure & Narayana Nethralaya Bannerghatta.My wife [Reya, ID – H 5082734] was having tearing in eyes and after couple of diagnosis it was identified that she needs to undergo a DCR surgery.We were preferring to do the procedure internally but wanted confirmation from a doctor specialized in internal DCR procedure.As usual I was doing my research with known doctors and google. I got to understand while there were lot of doctors available to perform external only few doctors perform internal DCR procedure, one among the reasons being it would need knowledge on both Eyes & Nose. Through one of the eye doctors of NN, I got to hear about Dr. Moupia and we decided to meet her.As usual I was doing my research with known doctors and google. I got to understand while there were lot of doctors available to perform external only few doctors perform internal DCR procedure, one among the reasons being it would need knowledge on both Eyes & Nose. Through one of the eye doctors of NN, I got to hear about Dr. Moupia and we decided to meet her. The first meet itself with Dr. Moupia we understood that we don’t need to consult any other doctor for DCR procedure and that we are in safe hands. She performed the surgery successfully (internally) and currently we are doing the follow-up visits with her.I have never seen a doctor dedicating so much time and care to a patient. Dr.Moupia is jovial, frank and humble. More than a doctor she is a great human being. Also, she is available for any doubts and she herself will call if she wants to discuss anything. We felt as though one of our family member was performing the surgery for us and that is the confidence you will get with Dr. Moupia. I would like to thank Dr. Moupia from the bottom of our heart.Also, Narayana Nethralaya Bannerghatta branch is a fantastic hospital (well maintained) and I felt the staff members are also great, responsible and have a helping mentality.I highly recommend Dr. Moupia & Narayana Nethralaya Bannerghatta for DCR procedure especially internal.I have one suggestion to the Hospital management.It was with great difficulty that I was able to find Dr. Moupia which I felt in this era of technology should have been made more easier.I was surprised that I was not able to search for Dr. Moupia through internet who according to me is an expert doctor with various specializations especially for internal DCR procedure and we have very few doctors in Bangalore performing DCR procedure internally.Even though her details are available in Narayana Nethralaya website I was never able find her in my regular google searches with keywords like internal DCR procedures, bangalore etc.Nowadays when everything is considered as business, very rarely we get to meet genuine people like Dr. Moupia and I wish more and more needy people/patients get to meet Dr. Moupia for better health and care.

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Sharuni V

I went through right side for dropping of eyelid(PTOSIS) and I took treatment with Dr mophia mukhopadhay before the surgery I was not in confident but the same time I was very scared to do the surgery…. At that time Dr mophia she gave me self confindent and motivation she was very nice and calm but the same time she was very profession about her work. In future I would like to suggest my friends regarding this… all credit goes to Dr mophia thank you so much

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Asif Ahmed

Excellent hospitality and Dr moupia and Dr pornian Ghosh is most sencire n soft speaking person I have meet so far,very good job done by you all keep helping other always,God bless you all

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Rohit Das

Dr Moupia is one of the best eye Doctor. My mother gone thorough under DCR endonal surgery and she perfectly doing Good. I need to come again after 6 month for a regular check up and happy to come again in future. I will also suggest my Friends and family in future. I wish Dr Moupia all the very Best. Rohit

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Reshma Aleem

Dr Moupia did a fantastic job of treating my viral wart(on my eyelid) and the many Milia on my eyelids. Her calm reassuring tone put me at ease during the surgery. I recommend Dr Moupia to anyone who needs to treat warts or Milia. I’m glad I picked Narayana Nethralaya to undergo my surgery.

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Akshya Ns

Fat transplant to left eye.. I am very happy to this treatment.. With perfect result.. Doctor name :Moupia Goswami .Thank you Narayana Netralaya..☺

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I visit Dr Moupia first time three days back for some wound at the edge of my left eye She gave me some tablets and ointment and they disappeared in just three days like a miracle I am going to visit after 10 days again for regular checkups I was suffering for almost two months and she cured me in 3 days AMAZING. THANKS RAJKUMAR

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