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Girish R

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I am son of Patient Ramachandrappa N.
Cateract Department staff are really good and courteous in serving Patients..
Hospital is maintained neat and clean.
Overall We are highly satisfied with the services (Dr.Hemamalini)

K N C Gowda

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Excellent check ups, care and advise. I am happy to get the treatment for all my relatives here. Thanks a lot 🙏(Dr.Hemamalini)

Bhanuprakash Rachaiah

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High level of satisfaction with the kind of treatment and hospitality extended both by the doctors and staff, will recommend any one who needs such medical assistance to visit once…(Hemamalini)

Raghavendra K.S. Raghu

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Dr Hemamalini madam very good treatment and very nice humanity in operation and consultant its all time.

Nikitha Niki

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We had very good experience and very thankful to Dr Hemamalini

Anitha Jain

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Dr Hema Malini
She is really very good and so kind and very positive doctor doing her job superb

Nagarjuna S

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Thanks Dr. Hema Malini madam, contacted for my mother and the why she explained nice. My mother so happy the ways she spoke in theater 😌

Mahesh An

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Services was very good and timely response. Dr Hemamalini is highly experienced and friendly Dr with Patients

Ravi nandan

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Dr. Hemamalini was the consulted doctor. Overall response from the staff and the doctors was really good. However I would request the hospital staff to improve on the waiting time for aged people.

Divakar Vijjapu

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Dr.Hemamalinibwe contacted doctor for cataract She had attended with proper care and successfully completed surgery and my aunt is recovered very fast and happy. Thanks doctor for excellent treatment.

Shashank Chti

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Hemalini madam a good excellent doctor had treated in a very nice way

t pramod

Google 2

Dr, Hemamalani very good and nice adviser

Pani Raju

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Dr. Hemamalini mam one of the best doctor, well treated & I will trust for Narayana nethralaya since 15 years. Thank you bujanga Shetty sir.

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