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Guru Dath

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Dr. Hemamalini Thanks for the support.

Swathy Viswa

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Had been here for my mother’s cataract surgery… Very well organised hospital with friendly staff and doctors. Guided us throughout the process and patiently handled all our queries.Dr. Hema Malini madam

Sitrarasu Radha Krishnan

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She was very polite and the way she treated us was very nice. Thanks to Dr.Hema Malani and Narayana Nethralaya

Krishnappa R

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Dr.Hemamalini- good hospitality. Went through cataract surgery..

Ravi Kumar

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My mom got cataract surgery done from Dr. Hema Malini madam it was very quick and perfect, it was pleasant experience. All the staff were polite, helpful as always. NN is only place for my all eye problems.

Vasantha N

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Dr Hema malini good service and friendly doctor.


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Dr. Hemamalini is really an experienced Doctor and my mother’s surgery went well. Entire process was well organized and it was comfortable at each step.

Anupam Deb

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Dr. Hema Malini M S Had a good experience

Malepati Eswaraiah

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Had cataract surgery for both eyes within a span of 10 days. Dr.Hemamalini had performed the surgery and it was very good. Felt no pain at all right after surgery as well. Would recommend. All the staff were very responsible and guiding wherever required without hesitation and without even the need to ask.

Manjunath Narayanaswamy

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Dr Hema Malini , she is very cordial and listen patients questions and please promptly answers all queries and thank you we are happy of her service and operation was very successful.

Lohith R

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Dr Hemamalini was excellent in guiding us through the cataract surgery.

Debashrita Sengupta

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Dr. Hemalini She has been a blessing in our life. Got my mother’s cataract operation done. Her service with her words are graceful. Not to forget the support staff at this hospital are precious . The quality of sevice has been top most. We thank the team from bottom of our heart 🙏

sagar gopal

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Dr. Hemamalini operated my mother and everything was really quick and qualitative results were obtained


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Dr.Hemamalini excellent Eye surgery..very pateint soft spoken …hats off to Narayan Nethrala well maintained and organised

shashidhar pai

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My mother had LE cataract surgery, done by Doctor Hemamalini, Overall very nice & excellent services 🙏🏻 Thank you.

Rajesh K

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The doctor and supporting staff were very Cooperative(Hemamalini)

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