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Dr. G. K. Venkatesh Reviews

Total Reviews – 1297

Naveen V

It was an excellent experience, the hospitality be it pre and post surgery.(Dr.Venkatesh)

imran khan

Provided a good service and very friendly behaviour (Dr.Venkatesh)

suneetha rao

Dr.G K Venkatesh Is very good doctor and explained very well about cataract Operation went success moreover my mom happy she can able to see clearly

Disco Raja

Venkatesh sir service was good.staff was good

Chandra Sekaran

Dr. Venkatesh, was excellent in his profession and very cooperative with the patient.

niranjan hm

Had very good experience. Doctors and staff are professional and kind. Thank you! (Dr.Venkatesh)

naifa Mariyam

They way they treat the customers is very professional. I would love to go there again. Prices is also affordable..(Dr.Venkatesh)

tar 5463

Naraya nethealaya was good hospital.Excellent facility and very trained staff. The treatment was very good. We recommended this hospital and doctors for others…. and Entire staff, Doctor’s , Pharmacist are very supportive and caring. The 🏥 and optical is very hygienic and maintained very well .Ben Franklin Optical premises is very nice and maintained well, all branded Varieties of frames and lenses are available @ single premises .Good service… All the best……(Dr.Venkatesh)

Venki Venki

Dr Venkatesh: it’s very good supervision and good response from doctor and also by hospital employees

Yamanura Madival

We are very much thankful to Doctors and all the staff members of Narayan Netralaya, Rajajinagar branch, Bengaluru for their support and time management. I extend heart felt gratitude to all the doctors and staff for their punctuality and passion in their work.(Dr.venkatesh)

Zuber Ahmed

Dr Venkatesh G K services was good, and well responsible staffs and Dr is soo good and we are satisfied.Thankyou

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