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Jeevan R Gowda

Very good experience,their consultation was acceptable ,All over very nice ,our surgeon was Dr.venkatesh

venkatesh Ganakallu Narasimhaiah

Dr GK Venkatesh treated Cataract well to our father and had good improvement on the left eye. Applause to Hospital staff on their process, interaction and taking care of patients. Thank you Narayana Nethralaya.😍

Ola tabrez Ola tabrez

Dr gk venkatesh sir provided excellent service and solved our problem so thanks to narayana nethralaya

manju ramani

Dr. Venkatesh He is too good for cataract surgery. He has done the surgery very well and his talks are very soothing.

Ravindra Nath

Dr. GK . Venkatesh I am very much impressed by Narayana nethralaya Mr Dr G.K. venkatesh has done cataract operation to my wife excellently and he has spoken nicely and treated us with good hospitality. All staff are so polite and guided well

Priyanka T Petkar

The cataract surgery carried out by Dr G K Venkatesh was very smooth and painless.The staff is very co-operative and supportive.

Shree Hubli

I was recently consulted to Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital for a cataract surgery for mom. The staff at the hospital was so kind and supportive. They answered all of our questions and made my mom feel very comfortable. Both eye surgery went well. The staff is excellent, the facilities are top-notch, and the care is second to none.Dr. G.K Venkatesh is an excellent doctor. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, and he took the time to explain everything to my mom in detail. My mom felt very comfortable for the treatment, and I knew that I was in good hands. my mom now able to see clearly again. I highly recommend Dr. G.K Venkatesh.

Manjula Purushotham

Dr.G. K. Venkatesh My mother-in-law had undergone cataract surgery by Dr. G. K. Venkatesh. He listens to the problems patiently and answered all our queries.

Vaidyanathan Vishakha

Dr. Venkatesh did the cataract surgery for my grandmother. It was a very pleasant experience with all steps explained beforehand and we were fully informed all the time

Venkatesh Nayak

We visited Narayana Nethralaya, Rajajinagar for my father’s cataract surgery. I thank Dr. G. K. Venkatesh for the proper guidance for the selection of type of lens etc. We are utterly grateful for his advices throughout and successfully completing the surgery. I am surprised by the coordination and process flow from registration till end of surgery, cashless insurance and reimbursement claims, even though there are lot of people , all faculty are very responsive and guide us to the next process immediately and there is very less waiting time . All faculty are welcoming and have smiling face. Overall it was smooth and wonderful experience. Thank you Team.

Jayanth R

Great response from the staff and doctors over here…thanks for dr.venkatesh G.K for making a successful eye surgery to my dad

D C Sharma

Dr G K Venktesh The system is perfect in accordance with N A B H and the most appealing is efficiency of the system and trust in quality of services available by patients. Definitely you are the leader in eye care, keep it up.Veena Sharma

Roopa Bindhuraj

Dr GK Venkatesh Very Good and friendly doctor.Well disciplined and systematic staff.We are very happy with the service.

Santosh Jha

Dr G K Venkatesh is a competent doctor who handled my mother’s cataract surgery very nicely. So we are considering him for the cataract eye surgery of her other eye too . He explains the things very patiently so I definitely advice others to go for him.Aparajita

Hrithik Bobs

Dr g k Venkatesh The doctor is very supportive,and he was was polite and caring.Even the staff was supportive in everything

Gurudev KY

Dr. Venkatesh successfully done the cataract surgery for my mother with utmost professionalism and care. Thank you Narayana Nethralaya Rajajinagar


My mother undergone surgery for her left eye and she was scared but Dr.Venkatesh and team convinced and operated very well ..Thanks Narayana Nethralaya


Dear Dr. GK Venkatesh,I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional care and expertise you displayed during my mother-in-law’s recent cataract surgery. Your skills and dedication have made an immense difference in her life, and I cannot thank you enough for the positive impact you have had on our family.From the initial consultation to the post-operative follow-up, you exhibited professionalism, compassion, and a genuine commitment to providing the best possible care. Your thorough explanations and patience in addressing our concerns were truly remarkable, putting our minds at ease throughout the entire process.The success of the cataract surgery and the subsequent improvement in my mother-in-law’s vision have been nothing short of remarkable. Her quality of life has significantly improved, allowing her to regain independence and enjoy her daily activities without the limitations she once faced. We are filled with joy and gratitude for the positive outcome that you have made possible.Moreover, the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by you and your team at the hospital made the entire experience comfortable and reassuring. Your staff members were always courteous, attentive, and went above and beyond to ensure our needs were met.Dr. G K Venkatesh, your expertise, skill, and compassionate approach are truly commendable. Your dedication to your patients’ well-being is evident in the excellent results achieved. We are truly fortunate to have had you as our surgeon, and we will forever be grateful for your outstanding care.Once again, thank you for your exceptional service, and please convey our deepest appreciation to your entire team. You have made a lasting positive impact on our family, and we will not hesitate to recommend your services to others seeking exceptional eye care.Wishing you continued success and fulfillment in your remarkable career.

Sandhya R

Dr.G.K.Venkatesh is such a good doctor with nice care and did a successful operation. And was really very cooperative. Thank You so much to Doctor and to the hospital. I wish he stays healthy and happy forever.

Sainath Reddy

Dr G K Venkatesh Cataract operation done with doc was a splendid experience. The explanation regarding pre and post operation was very apt and explained with ease and hence I would want to continue my right eye operation with the same doc.The staff members were really attentive and kind I would like to take a moment to thank narayana trust for having a great team of doctors and staff Thank you one and all

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