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praveen ms

My father got best treatment by Dr chaitra jayadev and Dr sanjay s We are satisfied Thank you

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saleem mohi

Dr.Chaitra Jayadev,is a excellent doctor and my wife had eye problem and she was very kind enough and guided us in a polite and friendly manner so that layman can understand her point of view to treat my wife and staff of this hospital well trained and we’ll mannered.

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Amritha Sabeesh

Dr chaitra jayadev, She is an amazing doctor. My father had watering and irritation in his eyes for months , he is 76 and her prescription has relieved him of all irritation and feels alright now.

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Deepak Raj

Chaitra Jayadev – Doctor have explained the eye problem of my mom in detail and we are happy the way she explained.

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Deepak Rathi

Dr, Chaitra jayadev Experience and relevant suggestions. I am happy with her service Staffs are very good Thank you

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Anindya Ghosh

This is my first visit I met Dr Chaitra Jayadeva she give Very good response and excellent communication with I am satisfied Thank you

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Dr chaitra jayadev Over all good and the medication suggestions from the docter is fine…. And medicine in take is on going to my father I have hope definitely we will see good output in next few weeks… Over all good

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Shilpa Shah

Dr chaitra jayadev. She was very good And the hospital is excellent even the faculty is very good in their hospitality.

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Sreenath Menon

Referenced by Dr B R Kishore from Colombia Asia..I met Dr chaitra Jayadev She is very professional ..I am happy. I met Dr jayashree also she is very good and professional. Staffs are very dedicated especially Mr punith. Thank you.

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Mahantesha D

My sister taking treatment from Dr Chaitra jayadev.. She give best treatment.. Laser done ofter laser she is improved. Best eye hospital in Bangalore narayana netralya. Thank you Chaitra madam.

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