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Arun A.S

I got a injection done with doctor ramesh venkatesh my mother vision is good thanks to doctor staff Lakshmi also co-operative very nice Dr chaitra jayadev treatment is good satisfied with her service thank you.

Punith Appu

Dr chaitra jayadev treatment is good she guides very well happy with service staffs are all very cooperative.

Nireeksha bl

We visited Narayana Nethralaya for my mother as she had a severe issue with her eyes due to diabetic retinopathy. We got an appointment with Dr. Chaitra Jaydev. Doctor was so polite and she explained about the problem very well and the respective treatments for it. staffs were friendly and polite. After all the treatments and surgeries ,her eye sight has really improved a lot.We are so greatlfull to Dr Chaitra Jaydev and Narayana Nethralaya, and to all the staffs who really helped us. Overall had a great experience.

Kanthu Kanthraju

Dr chaitra jayadev She is the number one doctor in this hospital i got surgery in both eyes my vision got improved and her asisstant punith is also very friendly and overall it was excellent laser lakshmi and insurance ranghanath dr arathi are all very excellent i prefer to doctor chaitra jayadev thank you.

Noor Jan

Dr dhanraj doctor consult was Good and kind hearted

Aravindan Rs

Super competent doctors like Dr. Chaitra Jayadev in retina department and Dr. Ramgopal in Glaucoma department. Very helpful staff. The process followed in hospital is very predictable and reliable.

Hema Maran

Dr chaitra jayadev very responsible doctor she will give good suggestion to us I am very happy with her service and staffs are all very cooperative neatly maintained hospital.

Suresh Babu

Dr chaitra jayadev is a very good surgeon, handled my operation so smoothly. I was more comfortable with her. Mr Puneeth is very good

Ashwani Sharma

Dr. Chaitra Jaydev is very good retina specialist & very high integrity medical practitioner. She explains the condition well and is absolutely honest in her communication, Advice & prescription.

Bhanu Prakash

Dr Chaitra jayadev mam is very kind and explains the issue in detail with much patience.


Dr chaitra jayadev treatment is excellent I got retina surgery my vision got improved 60% happy with her serice and her assistant punith is also very cooperative.

Prasanna Kumar

Dr chaitra jayadevI am very well satisfied with her treatment happy with her service and very cooperative staffs are there thank you.

Safiur Rahaman

Dr chaitra jayadev is great Doctor her treatment is also excellent thank you.

Gajanan Mastmardi

Dr chaitra jayadev treatment is good i am happy with her service and staffs are all very supportive.

Raghu kumar

Dr Chaitra jayadev treatment is excellent she guides very calm I am very happy with her service overall it was excellent service.

Bhujangi Bharathi Rao

Dr. Chaitra Jayadev Treatment by the doctor has been very well executed, with all care and right diagnosis.

Latha B

Dr chaitra jayadev and Dr Santosh Gopi Krishna Dr sujani Treatment is excellent I am very happy with them and staffs are all very cooperative.

Vijay Kumar

Dr Yathish very good and all the staff are very cooperative. Dr rohita nayak and dr chaitra jayadev were probably best doctors what i have seen. Highly recommend them for any eye related issues. They calmly explains whatever doubts u have. Dr rohita nayak best cataract and refractive lens surgeon in my opinion

Sushant revankar

Dr chaitra jayadev Good suggestions and good treatment happy to be here Narayana Nethralaya staffs are very supportive

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