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Thippeswamy B

Dr Ankush kawali treatment is excellent my vision is improved his service is good and staffs are all very cooperative.

ramesh kumar

Dr.Ankush , i feel comfortable Staffs treat well and make it comfortable

Vaibhav Vishnu

Dr Ankush I came for an eye checkup and am thoroughly happy with d courteous way in which doctor and for her reassurance. No unnecessary medication ewas given. Would recommend NN.

Lakshmi Vikram

Dr.Ravi krishna, good service Dr. Ankush trust worthy service

Harish kumar H.J

Dr.Ankush uvea department and Dr Dhanraj Rao good dr . treatment was awesome I’m Happy with overall it’s improving my vision thanks to u team.

Ramanna Sandurkar

Dr Ankush kawali is very good doctor, well treatment given by sir.

Lakshmi Vikram

Dr.Ravi krishna, good service Dr. Ankush trust worthy service

Basavaraj raj

Dr jayasree Dr Sharon d Souza Dr ankush Kawali: good services

Sivakumar Reddy

Dr Ankush, Gairik, Sujani take care my mother , know she was able to see some what

Narayan.m narayan

Dr Ankush kawali is a very good and kindhearted doctor treated me and solved my eye issues very excellently I am very happy with treatment and all staffs are good

Sunil Kumar

Dr Ankush and the staffs have been very helpful. Thanks to them my mother can see better now.

shaik sameena

I’m the patient of dr ankush and today i have visited with Dr Sanjay both doctor are very good im happy with the treatment

Krishnayya K

Dr Ankush kawavali is giving a good testament and staff are very loyal & very soft spoken

Vimal Garg

Excellent service at the hospitals, proficient staff and doctor. Received right advice and treatment from Dr Ankush kawali.

Lakshmi Kanth

Dr ankush kawali treatment and advice was too good satisfied with the treatment vision improved happy to visit Dr suggestion good staff are friendly

Hussain Ahmed Shaik

Dr Ankush Kawali treatment was good Dr treats best manner guides very well all over good experience

Ashok Nadakattin

Dr Ankush Kawali treatment was excellent dr adviced exact to the point staff behavior good all over good experience


Dr ankush kawali treatment was good and dr is calm and he does not recommended so many tests that is the best part dr advice exact to the solution and the staffs are friendly nature


Sanjeev Rajan

Dr.ankush kawali treatment is good overall good experience thank you

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