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Deeksha singh

Dr Anjali Kiran wonderful experience with her. They way she treated and do surgery for my husband eye is good. I am thankful to her. The other staff are also very supportive and good experience with Narayana nethralaya.

Ravi Gowdak

I had a good experience with Oculoplasty department Dr. Anjali kiran treatment was very good thanks to narayana nethralaya.

Rajeev Pandey

Dr. Anjali kiran helped for my wife surgery on her right eye mole after medication for 5-6 months decided to take it out. It took around couple of hour procedure and every steps were very transparent and easy to understand, all staff were very helpful and environmentally this hospital is best for eye treatment. Thank you so much for helping.

Mallikarjun K

…..it was incredible experience and staff was very hospitable and overall experience was good…..Dr Anjali Kiran also specialist…..and she handles in calms ways

Kim Raju

Dr Anjali Kiran From the time of visit till today Dr Anjali Kiran has taken good care , she was very co-operative during surgery.In every follow-up the doctor and the staff were very coordinative and performed their duties very well,

Dhananjayan Vijayan

Dr Anjali Kiran she is good at her diagnosis. Her medication also worked well for me. And she describes everything which is easy to understand for the patient and their relatives. Very kind doctor and very good in the patient prospective.

Jayakrishnan R

I consulted dr. Anjali kiran for my dad’s eye pain.. He explained the issue clearly and helped us with further steps

catch shashi

We visited Narayana Nethralaya for my father’s eye check up. Dr Anjali Kiran is very professional, explained the procedure very well. The staff were very supporting and took care of us till the end.

Sunitha Suni

Dr anjali Kiran was excellent services in narayana nethralaya and good hospitality I really kind of narayana nethralaya and staff also


Dr.Anjali Kiran Very good communications with patient’s and treatment also…patient waited for long time.. pls improve the waiting time..

Hanamantha Hanamantha

Dr anjali kiran was good surgery for sister and she was consulted very nice tq occuloplasty department

Mahantheshappa S M

‘Vaidyo Narayano’ sure 100% we all are lucky. Thank God. “We are safe because we have Dr. Anjali Kiran who believes in ‘Kayaka kailasa’ and discipline, restraint, timely guidance and excellent communication, excellent quality treatment. We have been treated at Narayana Nethralaya Hospital. The words I am saying are not exaggerations. Your Faith Shall Heal You – Narayana Nethralaya.#Welcome Center #Nurse category service expertise #In Insurance Division #Running place

Shobha N

Dr. Anjali Kiran is excellent Doctor. Treated as very friendly. Good human being.. Thanks to ma’am

asha sanjeev

Had a very good opportunity to meet Dr Anjali, was very much satisfied with her treatment.Wish to refer my friends and relatives.Thank you

Priya M

Narayana nethralaya is very good hospital for all eye surgery . Doctor Anjali was very humble and kind , gave all information and consulted very well

Rekha Ritu

Dr Anjali kiran treatment was very good,madam is very friendly, soft spoken, i had a very good experience, i will refer all my known person to dr Anjali

Venku D

I had ptosis surgery it’s done by Dr. Anjali kiran, now I am happy with this surgery bcz I was face many problems before surgery now I am perfectly all right, so I am thankful to Dr anjali kiran madam.

Chandan p

Got nice explanation and treatment from Dr. Anjali kiran

Vedantham Sheshasharma

My wife had external DCR procedure. Dr Anjali Kiran did the procedure. All precautions taken. We are happy.

Padmavathi Padma


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