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ravi abbigeri

Dr anand vinekar Very good explain our patient details.


Great Atmosphere good infrastucture good hospital team work NN My baby Undergone ROP Laser Treatment with Anand Vinekar And Got Good results team helps lot good healthcare systematic awesome team and doctor too good KIDROP team all over karnataka team working if anything needs premature babus treatments or test contact NN Team

shashi rekha

Dr Anand vinekar I am so thankful to you sir, and a big salute to your patience and the way you explain everything in detail.. Hats off to Narayana netralaya team for your dedicated service.

Thanveer Thanisha

Dr Anand vinekar good atmosphere We received good treatment here narayana nethralaya hospital

Mallikarjun B

We came for my baby eye checkup Very satisfying Dr Anand vinekar Very clearly explained

Nagesh kembhavi

Dr Anand vinekar excellent doctor Good communication team work and Cataract Department also very Good
We came from Bijapur for my baby ROP eye check up the team helped and coordinate is good
We are happy for whole process

Thanks team and Narayana Nethralaya

asheniashu ashu

Very happy to share my experience good hospital good staff good doctor Dr.Anand Vinekar



It was a good Dr.anand Vinekar Both baby are normal premature born we came to eye test all good thanks to doctor and team work

saniya mulla

Dr bhanumathi and dr anad vinekar sir nice consultation

Manoj Manu

Very good hospital in bangalore and in for premature babies Best doctor Anand vinekar Excellent service

Savitha Babu

good service Dr Anand vinekar staff are good very helping

meganathan s

Dr Anand vinekar My baby eye treatment was done Really well Good service

Pallavi S

It’s good hospital for premature babies Dr Anand vinekar
Very cooperative doctor for counseling
Very confident for explaining

Hanunishu Hn

Good process Good Anand vinekar doctor All are helping staff..

Vaishali B

Good hospital I have ever seen
Must recommend doctor Anand vinekar

Manjunath Gn

Good experience with Dr Anand vinekar 5years experience
Such a kind experience
With taking person wonderful


One of the best hospital Bangalore Narayana Nethralaya Service are very good for premature babies
My baby got laser treatment and vision tested done today
All test done
All normal
Vision wise good
Dr Anand vinekar very good process and taking
Everything good…

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