Dr. Anand Vinekar

Dr. Anand Vinekar Reviews

Total Reviews – 2026

raghu chaithu

Doctor Anand vinekar.. Responded all immediately doctor Ana staff once entered hospital the process all good

Pallavi N M

Good service for premature babies Dr Anand vinekar is must recommend doctor

Ibrathunnssia 786

Highly recommend,My baby 7 months old Dr Anand vinekar is very calm and polite and listen to all problems clearly and clarify every doubts , most humble person Excellent service Great hospitality My vision wise very good Doctor solved all problems my baby eye Very much happy.

Anju Anjaneya

Great hospital Affordable service Very Friendly doctor Anand vinekar one of the best of eye hospital any eye related premature babies issues

Mani Kanta

Very kind treatment is excellent Dr Anand vinekar is on of the best doctor He is helped lot for my baby… Eye check up

Yogeesh N Orton

Very good hospital Very good doctor Anand vinekar.Very good taking take care of my baby eyes

Anusha K r

Very respectfully doctor Anand vinekar and caring is amazing…

Hulugappa T

Very experience and skillful full doctor Anand vinrkar……

Govardhana r

Dr Anand vinekar,Technology and receptionist all are calm responsible..

kn Murthy

Dr Anand vinekar is most caring doctor big thankful to him

Kavya N G

One of the top hospital, I must say goo Doctor staff All are good service,Happy with treatment,Dr Anand sir is good Excellent… Service……We have 1.6 year experience.

Dilipkumaur Dilipkumaur

My baby’s 10 months,Every visit and till all are good cooperation and took care response immediately Dr Anand vinekar is really amazing doctor

Shivayogi C K

Great job Thanks to Dr Anand vinekar My having good vision And good explanation

Hanamatha Hanama

Namaste,We from Yadgiri,My baby underwent Laser treatment for both eye’s,They really solved my baby eyes problems Doctor Anand vinekar and staff are very cooperative and takes a good care of my bab,We are from different district but they are follow up check up really good job really well manage

Madhu M

Very good service and concern Each and every test going to smoothly Dr Anand vinekar Amazing person

Saritha Acharya

We are very good experienced the best eye test Doctor are very efficient Anand vinekar, Must recommend Doctor

Gayathri Gayathri

Dr Anand vinekar sir is procedure was excellent Quite and good experience My baby undergone rop treatment was laser done Now everything is good and vision wise also good…

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