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Vishnu Vardhan

One of the best hospital in Bangalore, Doctor are very polite in attending with patients My baby born 1400 gram premature 30 weeks Dr Anand vinekar team (KIDROP) checked my baby eyes they said baby having eye problem and Doctor Anand vinekar given my baby laser treatment and now baby is very good vision and everything is good Thank you whole team…Caring of my baby…. And saved baby eye thank you all

Shiva Shankar

The hospital was good Dr Anand vinekar is very lovely seeing..

Sowmya Mani

Dr Anand vinekar most senior person for premature babies department
Very thankful to him

Manju Naik

Dr Anand vinekar is a very good expert for premature baby kids

Santosh Lamani

Good service from hospital For premature babies Dr Bhujang Shetty owner of this hospital built this hospital so many baby eye testing and helping for babies Dr Anand vinekar one of the best doctor

Mahesh dc mahi Mahi

Very much recommend and trust worthy hospital in Bangalore it is doctor Anand vinekar are very much efficient. Well mannered co ordinater Having friendly behaviour assistant all are very good helpfull very much impressive My both baby born prematurily 31 weeks and 1200 grams very severe eye problems and team did eye test later required laser treatment and doctor did finally my both baby eye vision part really good I’m heatfully thank full every one and Dr Anand sir team and Bhujang Shetty doctor Without every babies going without blindness in this hospital treatment are very good

Rani Muthusamy

Dr Anand vinekar
Thank you for the caring my baby
It’s a good service by Narayana nethralaya dr K Bhujang shetty for the society taking good care for babies.
Thank you Dr Anand vinekar sir excellent service and explanation
Thank you

Mahesh M

Dr Anand vinekar
Thank you for good care for premature babies eyes
Thank you for nn by Dr K B shetty the service to the society
Good care by Kidrop team


Dr Anand vinekar
From Bagalkot
It’s a wonderful service from Dr K Bhujanag Shetty
It’s thank you Dr Anand vinekar sir for catring pt babies

Nagesh babu p s P s

Doctor Anand vinekar..
Thank you Bhujang Shetty sir and Anand Vinekar sir for launching this wonderful project ‘KIDROP’ all over Karataka. This project is helping in getting rid of blindness in infant stage itself.
Thank you 😊 💛

Pushpa c Pushpa

Special thanks to doctor Anand vinekar and team…Whole procedure went smoothly

Siddu Thala

Visited for eye my both twins babies Dr Anand vinekar explained everything is normal

Subhan Shaikh

I’m very thankful dr Anand vinekar…And hospital My both baby is very good vision and all It was a position experience good job everyone

Mantesh Churi

Dr bhanumathi and Dr Anand vinekar both are well treatment Good and friendly staff members..

Shaik Fakruddin

Thankful all and great full all procedures done Dr Anand vinekar very good doctor

Poornima Poornima

Very good experience this hospital for my baby test and all Dr Anand vinekar most senior person very caring and very carefully handling every patient

Kavali Hanumanthu

Hello,This hospital for very protective for premature baby eyes check up,Hospital very well hygiene Doctor Anand vinekar highly recommend doctor….

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