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Dr. Anand Vinekar Reviews

Total Reviews – 2026

Raghu Valmiki

Dr Anand vinekar
Explained very well
Thank you for the good service by Mahayana nethralaya kidrop team

Rudresh Nghalli

Dr Anand vinekar
Gud morning sir. My really happy your gud service ,and work , really appreciate u and your team sir πŸ™πŸ™


Very good hospital
People are very friendly with patients
Dr Anand vinekar is very good communication with parents

Smitha Shan

Dr Anand vinekar is a pediatric Retina
Service was good and cooperative…
For kids

Mohan Rao G

Doctor Anand vinekar has given well treatment to our baby and well explained (very good communication) about steps on curing of ROP in our baby’s eyes.

Raju Raj

Very caring Dr Anand vinekar sir and team and doctor is very knowledgeable courteous and caring and they great well work,
They service was good

Ramesh .K Ramesk. K

Dr Anand vinekar, he is Amazing human being and very caring person lot of patience..
Lot kudos……


Exemplary consultation Service, procedures experienced very high response and towards Dr Anand vinekar hid given a very good direction

Karna V

I would suggest this doctor ΰ²¬ΰ³†ΰ²Έΰ³ΰ²Ÿΰ³ Anand vinekar, the best way to treating Thank you

Venkat Rama

Dr Anand vinekar with wonderful experience service and all good


Probably the best eye treatment with Dr Anand vinekar and hospital All facilities are focusing on every types of patients it’s amazing and behaviour and helpfulness of all staff and doctor very very good Every step explaining doctor and process is comfortable for the every parents My baby undergone laser treatment Very good improved…Thank you all

Abubakar Mudagalla

It’s one of the big eye hospital in Bangalore (pre mature baby) city.Treatments are very nice Hospital atmosphere Very systematic seeing babies and modern amenities Treatment of all eye aliments at an affordable cost Dr Anand vinekar did eye treatment my baby eyes Really very good improvement my baby eyes retina and vision good Seriously very good service thank you all…

radhu rashmi

My baby had severe ROP, Anand vinekar sir is the Worlds best doctor for ROP he is more than god for us and my baby is completely healed. Heartfelt thanks to Anand vinekar and his colleagues.

Nikita Girimal

Over all amazing I can’t believe how are they running the huge trust department with clear management They make a structure very clear and provided good service for that Properly good guidance Dr Anand vinekar

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