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Dr. Anand Vinekar Reviews

Total Reviews – 1973

Yuvaraja Donekal

My both twins are normal and very healthy child’s Thanks doctor Anand vinekar
Very kind good
Wonderful experience

Asif Bagalkoti

I had a great experience with team and Dr Anand vinekar Good work….

Ehsan Ahmed

Dr Anand vinekar very wonderful premature Babies specialist We met him so lucky
My undergone test… With ROP narayana nethralaya team

punith mspr

very good hospital for premature test and care it was good experience so neat explained doctor Anand vinekar and was awesome

Rama Chandra

Good dr Anand vinekar Excellent treatment done by doctor
My baby born premature got treatment of eye
Really excellent care from everyone
My baby is good

Laxman,d Laxman

Very respectfully welcome the patient’s response are good Dr Anand vinekar good service…

sunilgowda pbs

The care was outstanding all the way treated was excellent I got twins baby born
Eye check done in narayana nethralaya team
One baby got laser treatment
And one baby is normal
Doctor Anand vinekar is put a high level of effort for premature babies
Thanks to team and doctor

Meghanaprdan Meghanaprdan

Personally caring all about here Best place for all premature babies eye check up
And most important very helpfull team place
I delivered twins
My both twins premature born
One baby got laser treatment under care of narayana nethralaya with Dr Anand vinekar sir
Another baby is normal eye test
And very supportive caring doctor
After treatment my baby eye seriously wondering both are normal condition now
Thanks to all and KIDROP team..


Received good experience with team and doctor Anand vinekar Good team wok

moinuddin shaik

A very Good doctor Anand vinekar Very experienced person for premature babies..

anjaneya anja

Severe eye problem
We met Raichur ROP team
They helped lot and by baby got laser treatment doctor treatment and politeness really awesome
Over all good and amazing team…

Pradeep Kumar

Good doctor Very friendly nature
Experience was good
Very good doctor Anand vinekar

Sharanappa Huilgol

Dr. Anand vinekar Chennagi explain madiddadare
Magu thumba chennagide

Balakundi Y B

Hi all,Thanks to KIDROP team narayana nethralaya Bhujang Shetty sir
Dr Anand vinekar was the premature baby’s specialist and we felt that were in safe hands
My baby undergone laser treatment
Ana so recovery
Thanks to doctor Dr Anand vinekar sir Nd KIDROP team🙏…..

mahantesh biradar

My child received good vision Dr Anand vinekar
Must recommend doctor
Good treatment.


Dr Anand vinekar Very professionally doctor.. The doctor doing best job…

Prabu B

The service was excellent Dr Anand Vinekar is very good consultanted
Good person
Very friendly person

Dawal Negalur

Good team work Doctor are too good Anand vinekar

We had a good experience..

Sharana Savanur

The eye hospital was good Excellent service by doctor Anand vinekar..

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