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Amrith Narayan

My mom underwent cataract surgery for both eyes . Dr. Aishwarya performed the surgery. Surgery results were excellent. My mom can see the world better now. Thanks Dr. Aishwarya. Best part is the process in place at Narayana Netralaya. We had somebody guiding us through all the way from the time we enter opd and complete the surgery. Very happy with the service of NN.

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Arvind Prabhu

Dr Aishwarya is very courteous, professional and well experienced in her field. Pleasure to have consulted her and I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for eye related ailments.

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Deep Devaiah

Dr Aishwarya, she’s good and guided very well and her answers to our queries were satisfactory.

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Aparna Puligandla

Dr Aishwarya is a very cheerful person and we get a very “feel good” factor when we interact with her . She builds a lot of confidence in her patients… Thankful to her for making my mom’s cataract 2nd eye surgery also very successful..

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Bhaskar Pawar

Dr. Aishwarya did a good job on cataract surgery. She is very polite and gave detailed information. Thanks Bhaskar Shankar.

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